General Ledger - Campana Systems Inc.

General Ledger - Campana Systems Inc.
& Benefits
¼ An online inquiry gives you immediate
access to account informaƟon
¼ AutomaƟc posƟng of transacƟons
generated by other AXIS modules
avoids redundant data entry
¼ AutomaƟc posƟng of depreciaƟon and
periodic allocaƟons reduces errors and
data entry Ɵme
¼ The user-deĮned Įscal calendar can
be tailored to match your exisƟng
accounƟng periods
¼ User-deĮned account codes and
structures let you use your exisƟng
reporƟng structure
¼ “StaƟsƟcal” accounts for non-
accounƟng data let you report on
items, such as membership counts
¼ Hierarchical structuring of various
accounts allows you to produce both
detailed and summary Įnancial reports
¼ Standard and Ňexible budgets improve
performance analysis
¼ Import and export capabiliƟes let
you collect or analyze accounƟng
informaƟon using popular spreadsheets
¼ Integrates with Prophix to provide built
in workŇow that involves managers
and streamlines the budget planning
¼ Inquiries let you drill through to the sub-
Fully integrated with other AXIS applicaƟons, the AXIS General Ledger (GL) applicaƟon
tracks and reports all Įnancial transacƟons for your club. A Įnancial statement report
writer allows you to deĮne and print reports according to your club’s requirements.
Creating an Accounts Structure
GL lets you create a structure of accounƟng and staƟsƟcal accounts using two main
levels: posƟng (the boƩom level for which you may enter transacƟons and budgets),
and controlling (upper level accounts whose balances are derived solely from their
substructure of accounts). This hierarchical account structure lets you group related
accounts, maintaining individual balances while generaƟng grand totals.
To maintain your account structure, GL lets you:
4 use account masks to create account numbers with standard components and a
standard format to indicate the account’s department and contents
4 quickly and easily copy account structures to set up new departments, proĮt
centers or locaƟons
4 add a new account in an account structure and have it automaƟcally replicate to
mulitple cost centers.
StaƟsƟcal accounts serve three main needs, allowing you to:
4 retain and report on nonĮnancial informaƟon not recorded in the regular books
(for example, membership counts or Ňoor space)
4 maintain one or several alternate reporƟng structures diīering from the
accounƟng account structure. With this Ňexibility, your club can generate varied
reports using diīerent account groups.
4 create a report template (or model). This feature lets you create an account
structure strictly for reporƟng. The system automaƟcally generates the report
based on the model by subsƟtuƟng user-deĮned variables (for example,
specifying a department).
ledger transacƟon details to facilitate
Inter-Company General Ledger
Generating a Trial Balance
For clubs that have more than one company or division, you
can set up GL to automaƟcally balance transacƟons between
companies. For example, if you incurred an expense in one
company,but paid the same expense from another company, GL
idenƟĮes the inter-company expense and makes the necessary
debits and credits for each company, elmininaƟng the need for
manual entries and balancing.
When generaƟng a trial balance, GL allows you to exclude
inacƟve accounts. You can run a trial balance for the enƟre chart
of accounts or for speciĮc secƟons of the chart of accounts.
Maintaining Budgets
You can import budget informaƟon from various spreadsheet
applicaƟons, as well as maintain a budget or revised budget for
any posƟng level account for the current and next year. These
budgets may be Įxed or use Ňex budget percents or factors.
Go beyond spreadsheets with PROPHIX, which provides a built-in
workŇow that involves managers and streamlines the planning
process. It handles both distribuƟon and consolidaƟon of budget
informaƟon. You can also create new versions of the budget, a
mid-year forecast or a new scenario for what-if analysis.
Creating Journal Entries
In addiƟon to creaƟng automaƟc journal entries for most
transacƟons, GL allows you to enter manual journal entries
or import journal entries from a spreadsheet applicaƟon. To
automaƟcally deĮne and post standard, repeƟƟve journal
entries, such as those for depreciaƟon automaƟcally, you
may use periodic allocaƟons (i.e., formulas for generaƟng
transacƟons for each Įscal period).
Printing Financial Statements
With a Ňexible, user-deĮned report writer, GL lets you customize
and print Įnancial statements to suit your club’s requirements. In
creaƟng these statements, the report writer uses your account
structure, leƫng you show as much or as liƩle detail as required.
The report writer allows you to produce consolidated or
individual reports by branch, department, division or company.
OpƟonally, you can add on Prophix to handle ad hoc reporƟng to
boardroom quality reports.
Using Multiple Open Fiscal Periods
GL allows you to post transacƟons to more than one month
by leƫng you keep mulƟple Įscal periods open at a Ɵme. For
example, you do not have to wait unƟl all payables for the
current month are in before making entries for the next month.
GL also generates year-end closing transacƟons, which you can
run at any Ɵme. You do not need to perform a year-end closing
before starƟng a new year.
Using GL Inquiries
GL oīers detailed, summary, browse, summary by day,
expanded, and analysis inquiries to give you immediate access to
account informaƟon. Inquiry features include the following:
4 The analysis inquiry provides Ňexible, ad hoc reporƟng
across mulƟple accounts, leƫng you specify report
criteria so you can analyze data according to your unique
4 The expanded inquiry oīers a drill-down capability,
leƫng you produce summary or detailed inquiry reports,
or reports by source transacƟon. A drill-through to the
sub-ledger provides a further breakdown of transacƟon
details for reconciliaƟon purposes.
4 Since non-accounƟng users can perform inquiries, GL
oīers security at the account number level. With account
security, you can restrict each user’s access to accounts
for which they have clearance.
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