Sharing Content on VC Unit

Sharing Content on VC Unit
Sharing Content on Video Conferencing Unit. During a VC meeting, you can share your Presentation via a laptop (computer) connected to the VC unit via a VGA cable that is connected to the Polycom unit. Depending upon the model of VC unit, the VGA cable (same as that which is used to connect to a data projector) will be connected to the back of the unit or to a table top box as shown in this picture. 1. Turn the TV screen on. 2. Plug in the VGA cable to the laptop/computer. The content from the laptop should come up on the screen. This may take a few seconds. What is shown on the laptop screen should now also be seen on the TV. Content Sharing can be turned On or Off using the Remote Control: Content Graphics PIP Display During a VC meeting, the content will take a few seconds to come up on the remote screens, remember this when your are presenting, resist “flicking” from slide to slide, allow a pause at the change of each slide. When content sharing is ON – you will not see your own video view – stay in shot of the camera – your remote participants will see you in a Picture-­‐in-­‐picture (PIP) – as you will see them. Sometimes the PIP covers some of the content. This PIP can be turned off via the remote Refer above If Content can be seen on the TV by the Presenter, but any remote site only sees a Black Screen, the only thing that can be done is “Turn off the VC unit”, wait ten seconds, “Turn back on” Option I If you have a camera that looks like this turn off using switch behind camera here. Wait ten seconds, turn switch back on. The reboot may take 2-­‐5 minutes. Redial back into your meeting. If your camera looks like this, The power button is on front of the black box behind the screen and has a “BLUE” light on it – hold it for 5 seconds to switch off unit. Wait ten seconds, turn back on. Option II – Turn off at powerpoint – wait ten seconds, turn back on. Gary Schultz 
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