Sitecom Wireless Concurrent Dualband Router 300N

Sitecom Wireless Concurrent Dualband Router 300N
Data sheet:
Product code
Product name
: WL-588
: Wireless Concurrent Dualband
EAN code
: 8716502021307
Router 300N X2
The Wireless Concurrent Dual-band Router 300N X2
equipped with two access points is ideal for streaming
High Definition video and audio, VoIP and download
The full advantage that can be taken of this dual-band
router is by using the less crowded 5 GHz frequency for
time sensitive traffic without any audio or video
interference. It is possible to use both frequencies 2.4
GHz and 5 GHz simultaneously, with throughput up to
300 Mbps each. With the WPS button functionality, it is
easy to establish a secure wireless network connection
with just the push of a button.
Now includes a Wireless Dual-band USB Adapter
300N X2.
The Wireless Dual-band USB Adapter 300N X2 makes
it possible to add wireless capacities to your desktop
PC or notebook as well as your Media Player. The USB
adapter can transmit signals on the 2.4 or less crowded 5 Ghz frequency.
Box content:
Wireless Concurrent Dualband Router 300N X2,
Wireless Dualband USB Adapter 300N X2
User manual, Power adapter, UTP cable
Driver CD Rom
System requirement:
• Ethernet ADSL or Cable Modem
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista, CD Rom drive
Designed in Europe
No. 12107
P. 1-1.
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