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User Manual
Click-ready to charge and the blue indicators show the
remaining charge. Double click-LED torch ON / OFF
Blue on-remaining charge, Blue blinking-being charged
Green on-charging via solar panel, Blue on-remaining charge
Micro input for charging the solar charger's built-in battery
USB 1 output for charging electronic devices
USB 1 sealed cap
. Solar panel
USB 2 sealed cap
. USB 2 output for charging electronic devices
10. LED torch
Battery capacity: 5000mAh Li-polymer battery
Solar panel: 5V 200mA
Input: DC SV / 1A
Output: DC5V/2 X 1A
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How to charge the solar charger?
1. Charge the solar charger via an external power source
a. Connect the solar charger with a computer, laptop or other
devices that have an USB port
b. After connected, blue LED indicator is on to indicate that
the solar charger is under charging
c. When the solar charger is fully charged, LED indicator will
be off
2. Charge the solar charger via solar panel
Click the ON/ OFF button to check the power reserve status
a. Place the solar charger in sunlight
b. The green LED indicator will keep on when the solar charger
is being charged in sunlight
3.Charging an external device via the solar charger
a.Check that the solar charger is adequately charged by pressing
[D]The battery charge status is indicated by the LED:
1st LED indicator-green,which is keeping on when it being
charged in sunlight-blue, 25% power
2nd LED indicator-blue, 50% power
3rd LED indicator-blue, 75% power
4th LED indicator-blue, 100% power
b. LED indicators will turn off after 20 seconds if full charging
c. The solar charger needs to be fully charged if you wish to
utilize both USB ports and charge two devices simultaneously
d. It provides about 20%-30% capacity of iPhone for emergency
after being solar charged 7 or 8 hours in normal sunlight
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. Once the remaining power reaches at / above 75% (3 or more
blue indicators on), please do not charge the solar charger via
solar panel in sunshine (In case that the serious damage may
take to li-polymer battery by continuous high temperature and
charging current, which may lead to over-voltage and battery
swelling up)
Never attempt to open or dismantle the solar charger
Never deliberately knock the solar charger
. The solar charger is rain-resistant but should not be immersed
in water or any other liquid
Do not leave the solar charger in airtight space like in a car,
in which the temperature would be over 45 C when charing via
solar panel
. Do not throw the solar charger into fire
. If any improper use or any operation against the manual, we will
not be responsible for the problems
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