Model TH115 - User Guide (PDF 137KB)

Model TH115 - User Guide (PDF 137KB)
Underfloor Heating
User Guid
Programmable Thermostat
The TH115 programmable thermostat has three temperature control
A mode: controls the ambient air temperature
F mode: controls the floor temperature using an external
- temperature sensor
controls the ambient air temperature
AF mode: maintains the floor temperature within desired limits
using an external temperature sensor
Keep the thermostats air vents clean and unobstructed at all times.
On/Off switch | |
Time and day display
Appears when the
selpoint is displayed
Temperature display
Day and time Mode display
Preset temperature
Percentage of indicator
heating time 2
Temperature control
Program clear
gram clea preset buttons
Mode selection / Period display
program exit
adjustment buttons
Backlight button
Keep the thermostats air vents clean and unobstructed at all times.
| Place the switch to Off to cut power to the heater when not in use
(e.g., in the summer). This will not affect the time and temperature
2 The thermostat displays the percentage of heating time required to
maintain the desired temperature. For example, ¢¢ is displayed when
heating is activated 40 percent of the time.
Display $ s$ $$$ 31 55555
% of heating time | 1 to 24% 125 to 49%|50 to 74% |75 to 99% | 100%
Y Clock and Day Setting
1) Press the Hour button to set the hour.
2) Press the Min button to set the minutes.
3) Press the Day button to set the day.
4) Press the Mode/Ret button to exit.
© Backlight
The display illuminates for 12 seconds when the backlight button is
When either of the aw buttons is pressed, the display also illuminates
for 12 seconds. The setpoint temperature appears for 5 seconds,
then the actual (measured) temperature is displayed.
TH115 A/F/AF
Temperature Adjustment
Setpoint Temperature
The thermostat normally displays the actual (measured) temperature.
To view the setpoint, press one of the av buttons once. The setpoint
will appear for the next 5 seconds.
To change the setpoint, press one of the av buttons until the desired
temperature is displayed. To scroll faster, press and hold the button.
Preset Temperatures
The thermostat has 3 preset temperatures:
* Comfort temperature +
* Economy temperature q
* Vacation temperature er
To use a preset temperature, press the corresponding button. The
corresponding icon XX, € or & will be displayed.
The following table shows the intended use and the default setting of
each of the preset temperatures.
Icon Intended use A/AF modes F mode
Comfort о o
> (when at home) 21°C 24°C
¢ |(when asleep or away from 17 °C 16 °C
Vacation o о
a (during prolonged absence) 10°C 10°C
To store a preset temperature:
1) Set the desired temperature using the av buttons.
2) Press and hold the corresponding button until the corresponding
icon is displayed.
Floor Temperature Limits (AF mode only)
NOTE: 70 avoid damaging your floor, follow your floor suppliers
recommendations regarding floor temperature limits.
The minimum and maximum floor temperature limits are 5 °C and
28 °C by default. To modify these limits, proceed as follows:
1) Switch the thermostat to Off.
2) Press and hold the < button.
3) Switch the thermostat back to On.
4) Release the # button when the minimum temperature [Fg
limit (FL:LO) appears. °c
5) Set the minimum temperature limit using the av ©
6) Press the % button to display the maximum
temperature limit (FL:HI). FLH
7) Set the maximum temperature limit using the av * 288
8) Press Mode/Ret to exit.
Modes of Operation
The thermostat has 3 modes of operation.
o Automatic Mode
The thermostat follows the programmed schedule. To place the
thermostat in this mode, press Mode/Ret until ® is displayed. The
data of the current schedule period are also displayed.
Temporary Bypass
If you modify the setpoint temperature (by pressing the av, à or €
button) when the thermostat is in automatic mode, the new
temperature will be used until the beginning of the next period. ©
flashes during the bypass. You can cancel the bypass by pressing
Programmed Schedule
The schedule consists of 4 periods per day which represents a
typical week day. You can program the thermostat to skip the periods
that do not apply to your situation. For example, you can skip periods
2 and 3 for the weekend.
NOTE: If you wish to use only 2 periods, set the periods “1 and 4” or
periods ‘2 and 3”. Early Start will not work if you set periods “1 and 2”
or periods “3 and 4”.
Period Description Associated temperature setting
o Wake-up 3
{214+ | Away from home q
M4 | Return home Le
НО Sleep <
The Comfort (xx) temperature is used in periods 1 and 3 and the
Economy (cd) temperature is used in periods 2 and 4. For example,
when the period changes from 1 to 2, the setpoint automatically
changes from Comfort (3x) temperature to Economy (q) temperature.
You can have a different program for each day of the week; i.e., each
period can start at different time for each day of the week. The
thermostat has been programmed with the following schedule.
Period | Setting | MO | TU | WE | TH | FR | SA | SU
0 LF 5:30 | 5:30 | 5:30 | 5:30 | 5:30 | 6:00 | 6:00
8:00 | 8:00 | 8:00 | 8:00 | 8:00 | 9:00 | 9:00
Tes zx 18:00 | 18:00 | 18:00 | 18:00 | 18:00 | 18:00 | 18:00
q 21:30 | 21:30 | 21:30 | 21:30 | 21:30 | 21:30 | 21:30
To modify the schedule:
1) Press Pgm to access the programming mode. Period 1 is
2) Press Day to select the day to program (hold for 3 seconds to
select the entire week).
3) Press Hour and Min to set the start time of the selected period,
or press Clear if you want to skip the period (--:-- is displayed).
4) Press Pgm to select another period, or press Day to select
another day. Then repeat step 3.
5) Press Mode/Ret to exit the programming mode.
NOTE: If no bution is pressed for 60 seconds, the thermostat will
automatically exit the programming mode.
+» Manual Mode
The programmed schedule is not used. The temperature must be set
manually. To place the thermostat in this mode:
1) Press Mode/Ret until # is displayed.
2) Set the temperature using the av, + or ¢ button.
TH115 A/F/AF
+ Vacation Mode
In this mode, the thermostat uses the vacation preset temperature.
There are two ways to place the thermostat in Vacation mode:
e Press the æ button on the thermostat. When the Vacation mode is
activated this way, the ©» icon appears on the screen without
* From any remote control device (if connected at installation). When
the contact closes, the thermostat is placed in Vacation mode and
the & icon flashes on the screen. All butions on the thermostat are
locked. When the contact opens, the thermostat returns to the
preceding mode.
NOTE: When the Vacation mode is activated from a remote control
device, it can only be deactivated using the device.
Error Messages
LO The measured temperature is below the thermostat's display
range. Heating is activated.
Н | The measured temperature is above the thermostat’s display
range. Heating is deactivated.
Er Verify the thermostat and sensor connections.
Technical Specifications
Supply: 208/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Maximum load: 15 A (resistive only)
Connection type: 4 wires, double pole
Display range: 0 °C to 70 °C
Ambient setpoint range (A/AF modes): 5 °C to 30 °C
Floor setpoint range (F mode): 5 °C to 40 °C
Floor limit range (AF mode): 5 °C to 40 °C
Display resolution: 0.5 °C
Operating temperature: 0 °C to 50 °C
Storage temperature: -20 °C to 50 °C
Heating cycle length: 15 minutes
Remote input: Dry contact
Size (H + W*D): 124 x 70 x 23 mm
Data backup: In the event of a power failure, most settings are saved. Only the
time must be re-adjusted if the power failure lasts more than 6 hours. The
thermostat will return to the mode that was active prior to the power failure.
Certifications: a Chu
© warranty
This product is warranted against defects in material and workmanship under
normal conditions of use for a period of twelve months from the date of
purchase. During this period, Warmtech will repair or replace the product, if it
is defective in normal operating conditions in terms of materials or
workmanship, with a new product of equivalent quality at Warmtech’s option.
The warranty does not cover costs of transportation, removal, installation or
damage caused by misuse or accident. In no event will Warmtech be liable for
consequential loss resulting from the installation of the product. Any defective
product should be sent with the original invoice to the original installer, or
shipped prepaid, insured and sent to the following address:
O) Customer Assistance
Phone: 1300 138 126
Email: info e
Printed in USA 11-2014 2/2
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