let01instructions USA Rev 7.cdr

let01instructions USA Rev 7.cdr
IMPORTANT: Before you use the charger for
the first time, please charge the unit for at
least 6 hours using a USB connection.
Pocket solar charger
For continued high performance, charge and
discharge the unit once every 6 months.
The SOLAR CHARGER can be charged in two
ways: by exposing the solar panel to sunlight
or by connecting it to a PC with the enclosed
1.Charging the battery using the solar panel:
Your pocket solar charger
Power (Juice) out
How to charge the pocket solar charger.
Charge Status
Discharge status
Expose the face of the solar panel to sunlight. The
LED A red indicator will light up indicating that
the unit is charging. The time required to fully
charge the battery is dependent on the quality of
light available. The stronger the light is, the faster
the battery will be charged. Under FULL direct
sunlight it should take approximately 12 - 15 hours
to fully charge the high capacity battery.
The LED A red indicator light will switch off when
the battery is fully charged.
USB power in
Connectors included.
Female USB
Micro USB
User Manual
2. Charging the battery from a PC:
Charging your electronic devices.
Using the USB cable included, insert one end of
the USB cable into a PC or other suitable device.
Make sure the device you have connected the
charger to is switched on. Then insert the MINI
USB into the charger as shown.
Take out the DC extension cable and select the
matching adaptor for the device. Plug the adaptor
in to one end of the connection cable, while the
other end of the cable connects to the Output port
of the solar charger body.
The LED A indicator light will shine red to indicate
that the charge has begun. The battery is fully
charged when the LED A light switches off.
Allow 3-4 hours to fully charge the battery.
The LED B light will turn green to show your device
is charging. The time taken to fully charge your
electronic device is determined by the capacity of
its battery.
IMPORTANT: Low light level restart.
In low light conditions, the solar panel may not be
able to provide enough power for the charger to
restart after it has been completely discharged. If
this occurs, please press the low light level restart
button. The charger will restart automatically.
Solar Panel: multi crystalline 5 5V / 80mA
PC USB Charging: 5V / 500mA
Li ion Rechargeable battery: 3 7V / 1500mAh
Output voltage/current: 5 5V / 500mA
Charge times 1) Mobile device using the solar panel: 8 12 hours
Depending on the device battery capacity and sunlight conditions
2) Internal battery using solar panel:12
15 hours depending on sun
conditions This charger has a high capacity internal battery which
takes longer to charge
3) Internal battery using the USB cable:3 4 hours
Reverse current protected
Do not throw, drop, bend of modify your charger
Do not dispose of in fire
Do not drop into water
Do not disassemble
Do not short circuit the internal battery
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