Canon 2338B003, 2338B002AF Datasheet

Canon 2338B003, 2338B002AF Datasheet
Network Document Scanner
The compact scanner
that puts everything
at your fingertips
ScanFront 220/220P
• Scan the document and select the relevant
icon to determine where you want to send
it – it’s as simple as that.
USB ports x 2 and ports for
PS/2 keyboard & mouse
Share information at the touch of a button
Scanning simplicity
Productive scanning
Great for teams and departments
ScanFront is a simple to use colour network
document scanner that makes scanning and
distributing information easy for everyone.
With ScanFront you simply place your
document in the feed tray for scanning and
choose the relevant icon to determine where
you want to send it: an email address
(selected from your personal and global
address books), ftp, network folder or
USB memory stick.
ScanFront offers top scanning speeds of 26
pages per minute (at 150 dpi) in black and
white / greyscale and 16 pages per minute in
colour. Double-sided documents are scanned
even quicker - at 52 and 16 images per
minute respectively. When extra high quality
scans are required, a higher resolution
(of up to 600 dpi) can be selected.
Being quick, compact and intuitive makes
ScanFront ideal for small teams and
departments. Use it anywhere - in your
marketing department, sales group, finance
department, or admin and logistic teams.
Compact and ready
Despite its impressively large 8.5 inch
touch-screen, ScanFront is deceptively small
and fits comfortably on the corner of a desk.
Fold away the input and output trays and it’s
smaller still - so small you will hardly notice it.
Standard or Professional
Two model options are available: the
Standard (ScanFront 220) and Professional
(ScanFront 220P). Identical in most respects,
the ScanFront 220P provides additional
advanced Ultra-sonic Double feed Detection
system for enhanced feed reliability,
Fingerprint authentication for the simplest,
most foolproof user-access security.
There’s no need to concern yourself with
complex software or worry about which PC to
connect it to either. ScanFront simply plugs
directly into your network and is ready to go
in just a few minutes.
Work together better:
scan and send
information instantly
via the superb
TFT touch-screen.
Scanning and sharing information with your colleagues couldn’t be
simpler with Canon’s new ScanFront 220 and 220P colour network
document scanners. These compact devices redefine ease-of-operation
thanks to a huge colour touch screen and instant network access –
without additional hardware or software.
A host of powerful features distinguish ScanFront from most other network
scanners. And the great thing is they’re all accessible using a superb 8.5
inch TFT colour touch screen that’s so simple to use there’s virtually no
training requirements.
Be in-touch to stay ahead
of your competitors
Designed with users in mind
Reliable feeding
The bright and sharp colour screen is designed
to make everything effortless for the user.
Before sending you can browse, rotate and
zoom scanned images in detail and in colour
to ensure the perfect results every time.
ScanFront gives you consistent, reliable
scanning results thanks to a robust feeding
Everything is designed so that the minimum
number of steps are performed to achieve
a task – leaving you to focus your attention
on the rest of your busy schedule. Job buttons
can also be setup to perform regularly
undertaken scanning tasks at a single buttontouch.
For the highest standards of scan performance
the ScanFront 220P model is equipped with
an Ultra-sonic Double feed Detection system
that can instantly detect in the unlikely event
that two pages are fed simultaneously,
allowing you to recover the paper jam and
resume scanning without losing the
document order.
Job button screen
Card scanning
Auto size detection
ScanFront lets you scan batches of documents
even if the batch contains a mixture of sizes.
The device simply detects the size of each
page and scans the image accordingly from
A4 to business and embossed cards of up to
If you don’t want to keep supplies of all the
business cards you collect, you can simply
scan them. ScanFront handles 3 cards at a
time and even accommodates cards with
embossed letters.
• Scan and then send to a network folder
for instant viewing by a colleague.
Advanced image processing
When using thin paper, where the reverse
side of a page is partly visible through the
front, a bleed-through function can be
selected to prevent problems with the scanned
image. Background noise elimination can
actually improve the legibility of a scanned
document. A Skip Blank Page feature prevents
unnecessary scanning or sending of blank
pages while an automatic deskew function
corrects off-centre images.
Colour Dropout functionality automatically
removes red, green or blue improving
processing efficiency. Built-in OCR
functionality enables instant conversion of
printed text into data, which can then be
searched using specific keywords, saving
time and effort.
Work together better:
store information digitally,
share information instantly.
Ensure everyone feels the benefit
Improving the speed and flow of information amongst team members is
always well received. But it’s important that big improvements in access
don’t raise security issues or create IT headaches. Canon’s ScanFront
makes sure both angles are more than covered thanks to robust security,
and management controls that will be welcomed by IT managers.
Security covered
Effortless IT management
Canon always places security high on the
agenda and ScanFront is no exception. It’s
simple to configure the device so that users
must enter a name and password before
scanning and sending a document. ScanFront
can even link directly to your network log-in
procedure, so that users simply utilise the
same name and password that they use each
Simplicity of use extends to the configuration
process, making it a delight for IT
departments. New users can be set up
remotely using the ScanFront Web Menu
and their access and function rights can be
configured quickly - in minutes. The IT
Manager can control a whole fleet of
ScanFront devices across the network
with the Web Menu tool.
Cutting-edge Fingerprint Authentication
technology incorporated within the ScanFront
220P makes user verification even simpler. A
fingerprint sensor instantly detects registered
users for the quickest, yet most foolproof
security check possible.
Key benefits
Additional security controls are also available.
Specific functions can be made off limits to
certain users – such as scan to USB. PDFs can
be encrypted before sending – retrievable only
with the relevant password.
• Compact, desktop performance
• Simple touch-screen operation
• Quick, reliable scanning to folders,
email, ftp and USB devices
• No additional hardware or software
• Easy for IT Manager and administration
• Robust security
ScanFront 220/220P Web Menu
Work together better:
share information
whilst keeping it secure
at the same time.
Specifications ScanFront 220/220P
Scanning Unit Sensor
Scanning Sides
Scanning Speed (A4 / Vertical)
Black & White
Standard Card
Business Card
Long Documents
Document Requirement
Feeding & Ejecting Documents
Eject Face
Paper Separation
Output Resolutions
Output Mode
Memory size
Operation Panel
Sheet-fed type Network Scanner
CMOS CIS Sensor (1 line)
Optical Resolution
Light Source
Scanning Width
Simplex / Duplex
Scan to Folder
Scan to eMail
150x150dpi: 26ppm (simplex) 52ipm (duplex)
200x200dpi: 26ppm (simplex) 35ipm (duplex)
300x300dpi: 18ppm (simplex) 17ipm (duplex)
600x600dpi: 5ppm (simplex) 4ipm (duplex)
150x150dpi: 26ppm (simplex) 37ipm (duplex)
200x200dpi: 23ppm (simplex) 23ipm (duplex)
300x300dpi: 12ppm (simplex) 10ipm (duplex)
600x600dpi: 3ppm (simplex) 3ipm (duplex)
100x100dpi: 26ppm (simplex) 32ipm (duplex)
150x150dpi: 16ppm (simplex) 16ipm (duplex)
200x200dpi: 9ppm (simplex) 9ipm (duplex)
300x300dpi: 4ppm (simplex) 4ipm (duplex)
600x600dpi: 1ppm (simplex) 1ipm (duplex)
Bypass Mode
Horizontal Scanning
Supports Cards with Embossed Letters
more than 50.8mm
more than 53.9mm
no more than 300g/m2
Maximum: Legal = 355.6mm
1) Pressure Sensitive Paper: Can be fed with limitation of Direction
2) Carbon Backed Paper: Can not be fed
3) Perforated paper for Binder: Can be fed with limitation of holes
4) Curled Paper: Can be fed only if curl is 5mm or less.
5) Creased Paper: Can be fed but crease must be straightened
before being fed.
5mm or less including curls
(50 sheets or less with 80g/m2 document)
5mm or less including curls
(50 sheets or less with 80g/m2 document)
10 sheets with soft/hard document and with high friction document
Does not support documents with holes on the right/left sides
Does not support documents with 70mm in length and with less
than 0.1mm in thickness
Face Down
Retard Roller
100 x 100dpi, 150 x 150dpi, 200 x 200dpi, 300 x 300dpi,
400 x 400dpi, 600 x 600dpi
Black & White / Error Diffusion / Advanced Text Enhancement II
8bit (256 level) Greyscale
24bit Colour
Scan to FTP
Scan to USB Memory
File Type
User Authentication
Display Scanned Images
Maximum Pages in a file
The number differs
depending on the contents
of the Document and
on the compression.
Please use these numbers
as reference only
Image Processing
Fingerprint Sensor Type
Tray Closed
Tray Open
Daily Duty Cycle
Canon Europa N.V.
English-UK Edition 0114W450
© Canon Europa N.V., 2007 (0907)
Canon (UK) Ltd
Woodhatch, Reigate
Surrey RH2 8BF
Telephone No: 08000 353535
Facsimile No: 01737 220022
TIFF (Single Page / Multi Page)
PDF (Searchable PDF / Encrypted PDF)
PDF (Searchable PDF / Encrypted PDF)
PDF (Searchable PDF / Encrypted PDF)
JPEG (Possible to set the level)
High Compression, Normal (Possible to set the level)
with Normal PDF
User Name, Password, Fingerprint (ScanFront 220P only)
KerBeros, NTLM V2
Display Images during Scanning: Supported
Display Images after Scanning: Supported
Pre Scan: Supported
ScanFront 220/220P
Black & White
100dpi: 300
150dpi: 300
200dpi: 300
300dpi: 300
400dpi: 300
600dpi: 120
100dpi: 300
150dpi: 300
200dpi: 300
300dpi: 300
400dpi: 200
600dpi: 40
100dpi: 200
150dpi: 200
200dpi: 200
300dpi: 300
400dpi: 10
600dpi: 5
Auto Size Detection, Deskew, Text Orientation Detection,
Prevent Bleed Through, Remove Background, Skip Blank Page,
Colour Drop Out, Enhance (RGB only)
Optical Sweep Type Sensor
W: 310mm H: 158mm D: 234mm
W: 310mm H: 220mm D: 545mm
Exchange roller kit
1,000 scans / day
Some images are simulated for clarity of reproduction. All data is based on Canon’s standard testing methods. This leaflet and
the specifications of the product have been developed prior to the date of product launch. Final specifications are subject to
change.™ and ®: All company and/or product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective
manufacturers in their markets and/or countries.
AMD GeodeLX 500MHz
8.5 inch TFT Liquid Crystal Display with Touch Panel
(with LED to show connection)
LAN 10BaseT/100BaseTX Connector
USB 2.0 x 2 – USB Memory, USB KB, USB Mouse
PS/2 Mouse Port
PS/2 Keyboard Port
Windows CE 5.0
Canon Inc.
Protocol: SMB
Protocol: SMTP
Mail Server Supported: sendmail, postfix, Exchange Server
Authentication: Supported
LDAP Address Book: Supported
Protocol: FTP
Supported File System: FAT16/FAT32
Format is with FAT16 only
Does not support special USB Memory which requires password
Canon Ireland
Arena Road, Sandyford
Industrial Estate
Dublin 18, Ireland
Telephone No: 01-2052400
Facsimile No: 01-2958141
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