LogiLink PCI PC Card
Art No.PC0023B
PCI interface Cardbus PC Card
Allows CardBus (PCMCIA) device connected to the rear panel of the host
PC, such as GPRS modem, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Cardbus hard drive,
Firewire/USB host controller, Serial-ATA host controller, or LAN adapter
● PCI Specifi cation revision 2.2 compliant
● PC Card Standard Release 8.0 specifi cation compliant
● Supports 16-bit (PCMCIA 2.1/JEIDA 4.2) and
32-bit (Cardbus) PC card with 3.3V/5V operation
● Fully Plug & Play and Hot Plug compatible
● Automatically selects IRQ and I/O address
● Supports PCI IRQ sharing
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