ARCTIC Alpine 64 PWM
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Alpine 64 PWM
Cost-Effective Ultra Quiet AMD Cooler
Main Features
* Ultra quiet 92mm PWM fan with low noise impeller
» Patented fan holder eliminates the buzzing sounds
» Patented vibration absorption
* Voltage convertor cooling
* Fluid dynamic bearing
* Pre-applied MX-2
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Alpine 64 PWM
Cost-Effective Ultra Quiet AMD Cooler
Featuring a 92mm fan with PWM function and
vibration absorption, together with highly efficient
thermal compound MX-2, the Alpine 64 PWM
offers the best price-performance ratio of its kind.
It is quiet, efficient and cost-effective, making it a
perfect AMD CPU cooler for mainstream system
| Dimensions: | 113 Lx 101 W x 92 H (mm) sor “The Alpine 64 definitely outperforms
Fan: 92 mm a | С the stock heatsink and it's fine for a
Fan Speed: 900 - 2000 RPM (controlled by PWM) oily, tle overclocking.
| Air Flow: | 36 CFM / 62 m'/h
| Мах. Cooling Capacity: 90 Watts
Bearing: | Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Weight: 486g
Compatibility: AMD Socket AM2+, AM2, 939, 754 as well as a liquid cooling system and le
up to 90 virtually silent”
Cooling Performance at AMD Phenom X4 9650:
ESTE 4580
Alpine 64 PWM:
(at 2000 rpm)
Stock Cooler: Ne
(at 3000 rpm) Ambient temperature : 24°C 444 Better
Noise Level at AMD Phenom X4 9650:
Alpine 64 PWM: E 0.4 Sone
(at 2000 rpm)
Stock Cooler: I 0.5 sone
(at 3000 rpm) 444 Better
The noise level is measured in Sone (loudness) instead of dB (sound intensity),
The loudness depends upon ears response curves and tells you exactly how bothering a certain noise is
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