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Verbatim CD-R Extra Protection Colours
V Verbatim Sales Presenter
CD-R Extra Protection 50PK Spindie Colour 52X 700MB
Reorder No: 43711
| Vv Verbatim
Product Description: 10 discs each of 5 different colours
pink, orange, violet, blue and green help you sort your
Barcode: 0239472437116
EAN12B: (02/00073947437116/37)0200(91)03
ЕАМ14: 50023942437 111
Units/Pallet: 16,000pcs / 320 spindles / 80 cartons
Carton Quantity: 200pcs (4% 30pk spindles)
Carton Dimensions: 290*150*118
Weight: 4.3kg [ carton
Disc Surface: 5 different colours
Available: August 2009
[Sales Information: The ‘mechanical specifications’ af Verbatim media
are very precie, and data written to lt can be read in a wide range of
drives, As a result, Verbatim Extra Protection discs demonstrate a high EXT RA
level of compatibility between drives running at a wide range of ROTECTION
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