hilti rental company powder tool training

hilti rental company powder tool training
WARNING: To reduce the likelihood of injury, always follow these instructions:
Never use the tool unless you have received proper instruction on its safe use.
Never point the tool at yourself or anyone else.
Never cock or depress the tool against your hand or any other part of your body.
The operator and all bystanders must wear eye protection meeting the requirements of ANSI Z87.1 and
a hard hat while the tool is in use. Wear ear protection when working in confined areas.
5. Hold the tool perpendicular to the work surface when making a fastening - this will reduce the
possibility of any ricocheting off the work surface.
6. Use the stabilizer whenever possible (see tool operator’s manual for details). This will help you keep the
tool perpendicular to the work surface: and help restrain any free-flying materials.
7. Keep your arms flexed when operating tool (do not stiff arm). If you feel any pain or discomfort
discontinue use.
8. When fastening into concrete, never fasten closer than 2” from the edge. Fastening too close to the edge
not only can reduce the holding value but can also cause the concrete to split and the fastener to freeflight.
9. Never leave a loaded tool unattended. Always unload the tool before cleaning and servicing, storing at
the end of the day, before work breaks and before changing parts.
10. Always inspect tool for proper operation before use. Inspect the tool to ensure the parts are in safe
condition for use. Do not use a tool that is incomplete or does not operate properly.
11. Never attempt to pry a cartridge from the magazine clip or from the tool - this can cause the cartridge to
12. Never fasten through an existing hole, except as recommended by Hilti. Misalignment with the existing
hole could cause the fastener to shatter or ricochet.
13. If the cartridge fails to ignite when the tool is actuated:
• Keep the tool pressed against the work surface for 30 seconds.
• If the cartridge still does not ignite, withdraw the tool from the work surface, taking care that the
tool is not pointed at anyone.
• For magazine tools: advance the cartridge strip manually, and continue to use the remaining
cartridge strip For single-shot tools: follow the instructions in the tool operator’s manual. Once the
magazine/cartridge is removed, dispose of it in such a way that it can neither be used again nor
Keep the tool and cartridges locked in a container and in a safe place when not in use. Keep out
of reach of children.
14. Make sure no one stands on the opposite side of the surface where fastenings are being made - a fastener
could through penetrate the surface and injure someone.
15. Do not make fastenings in an explosive or flammable atmosphere.
16. Never re-drive a fastener - this could cause the fastener to shatter.
17. To help optimize performance of an installed fastener, always observe the following application guidelines.
Multiple fasteners are recommended to increase the reliability of the attachment.
Base Material > >
Min. distance to free edge of base material:
Min. spacing between fasteners:
Min. base material thickness:
3x’s fasteners penetration
Recommended depth of penetration:
18. Make sure the base material is suitable for power actuated fastening. Materials that are too hard (e.g.,
welded steel, cast iron), too soft (e.g., wood, drywall), or too brittle (e.g., tile, glass), can cause the fastener
to shatter or free-flight.
19. Always use genuine Hilti fasteners, cartridges and spare parts.
20. Never exceed the recommended setting frequency (fastenings per hour) for tools which specify a limit - the
tool could overheat causing the cartridge to ignite. Do not disassemble the tool when it is hot - you could be
21. Always keep the operating instructions with the tool.
If you need assistance on any of the above, or have any questions regarding a Hilti product, contact Hilti at 1800-879-8000.
● Power Regulator
● Loading the pin into the tool
● Tool placed perpendicular to the work surface prior to firing the tool
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