Deployable UHF and VHF antennas

Deployable UHF and VHF antennas
Deployable UHF
and VHF antennas
The ISIS deployable antenna system is a flight proven technology
which contains up to four shape memory alloy tape antennas of up to
55 cm length, which deploy from all four sides of the structure upon
command. Its innovative and compact design provides your CubeSat
with the best transmissions quality for a minimum space.
Available configurations
• 4 VHF and/or UHF monopoles
• Single VHF or UHF dipole
• Dual VHF and/or UHF dipole
• VHF or UHF Turnstile
(circular polarization)
• Combination of UHF / VHF
Dipole + Monopole(s)
Flight heritage
• Design based on heritage from the Delfi-C3 satellite (2008)
• Flight heritage since July 2010 (StudSat, India)
• CubeSat TT&C
• CubeSat RF Payloads
• Possibility to connect one, two or four radios
• Dual redundant deployment system
• Software safe/arm implementation
• Deployment confirmation switch per antenna
• Additional temperature sensors
• Special mechanical and electrical Engineering Models available
• Designed for compatibility with
the ISIS VHF/UHF Transceiver
• Compatible with ISIS products
and recent Pumpkin, Clyde
Space and GomSpace products
• Compliant to CubeSat standard
Included in shipment
• ISIS deployable antenna system
• Connectors and cables
• Burn wire refurbishment set
• 30 mm diameter center through-hole for pass-through of
payload or other interfaces (for mono/dipole configurations)
• Solar panel on top
• Magneto torquer integrated in top panel
Deployable UHF and VHF antennas
Envelope fits between the feet
on CubeSat top or bottom side
RF Impedance (deployed)
50 Ohm
Max RF Power
Insertion loss
< 1,5 dB
Frequency Range
Electrical power
10-13 MHz bandwidth within 130- 500 MHz
Nominal: < 20mW
Mass ( exact mass depends on antenna configuration)
< 100 g
Envelope stowed: (l x w x h )
Supply Voltage
During Deployment: 2 W
98 mm x 98 mm x 7 mm
3 V (5V and 8V available on demand)
• Thermal Testing range: -30 to +70 ºC
• Qualification Vibration Testing for most launch vehicles
• Flight units thermally acceptance tested for
Qualification and Acceptance Testing
Telemetry Outputs (over I2C)
• Safe/arm status
• Deployment status
• Temperature
• One miniature 9 pin OMNETICS connector
• RF input / output: 1-4 SSMCX, female, 50 Ohm
Total Ionizing Dose
Mechanical Shock
Thermal Cycling
Thermal Vacuum
QT is performed on the design/qualification model
AT is performed on the unit to be shipped
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