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Kindermann Famulus reflex M
Users who travel a lot know the problems:
It is often difficult to visualize a lecture
because of poor projection facilities at one´s
destination. Who wants to be on the safe
side, relies on his own overhead projector.
The Famulus reflex projectors are the best
choice for mobile use. They are very handy
and extremely powerful.
They create brilliant pictures to convince any
The Famulus reflex M is equipped with a
metal halide lamp which means more light
(4,400 lumens) and a white and true-colour
large-screen projection.
The highlights of the reflex projectors
Famulus reflex T • reflex M
Exclusive features
The light-weight travellers – small, light, super bright and flexible in use
reflex T
reflex M
The high-quality 3-element vario-focal lens
avoids colour fringes, and its automatic focal
compensation and the Keystone correction of
8° makes it suitable for upward projection.
Excellent light output:
up to 4400 lumens
In transport position only 11 cm high
Advantages of the reflex projectors
Easy transport
Ready for projection in no time
Compact construction and low weight
Extremely flat working surface
Supplied with
carrying bag
High-quality 3-element vario-focal lens
f = 280 - 300 mm (reflex M)
3-element lens f = 300 mm
(reflex T)
Quick lamp changer with 2 halogen
lamps 24 V/250 W (reflex T)
Metal halide lamp 300 W (reflex M)
Electronic power supply with voltage
stabilizer for a soft start (reflex M) and
longer lamp life
Conventional transformer (reflex T)
Working surface A4 horizontal and
Glare-free fresnel lens
Supplied with carrying bag
Famulus reflex T
2 halogen lamps 24 V/250 W/50 h • 3000 lumens • 6.5 kg
No. 6089000000
Famulus reflex M
300 W metal halide lamp • 4400 lumens • 4.6 kg
No. 6090000000
Halogen lamp 24 V/250 W
300 hours
No. 6049000000
Metal halide lamp 300 W
750 hours
No. 6093000000
Subject to technical alterations, as well as to changes of the design and the colour
No. 6159000001
Picture width (m)
Picture size chart
Deluxe carrying case
Distance (m)
For technical data see p. 16!
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