CM705PB Universal LAN Zone Expander Module

CM705PB Universal LAN Zone Expander Module
Intrusion Alarm Systems | CM705PB Universal LAN Zone Expander Module
CM705PB Universal LAN Zone Expander
The CM705B Universal Expander provides a cost
effective way to increase the control panel’s zone
inputs, programmable outputs and power supply
capacity using a single expander module. This module
is extremely useful when the system is comprised of
multiple areas, as an expander can be located in each
area, providing power, siren and strobe outputs and
up to 16 zone inputs.
The Universal Expander is available in a metal cabinet
(CM705B) or as a PCB module only (CM705PB)
depending on your requirements. The module
connects to the control panel via the 4-wire encrypted
RS485 LAN, and must be assigned a unique address
on the LAN via the address DIP switch.
Dedicated service code pad and tamper inputs are
provided. If the tamper input is not required, then it
can be disabled by fitting the supplied shunt to the
tamper input. The optional CM707B plug on module
can be added via the expansion port on the CM705B
Universal Expander to provide an additional 8 hard
wired zone inputs, bringing the CM705B Universal
High security module with anti-substitution
protection and resettable fuse protection on power
out terminals
Supports Single, Alarm+Tamper and Split EOL, with
up to 15 different EOL Resistor options
6 Power Out terminals simplify wiring; outputs are
overload and short circuit proof
Service Code Pad connection point
LAN Termination Shunt and status indicators
Expander to 16 hard wired zone inputs for Alarm +
Tamper, 4 state monitoring or single EOL
Certifications and approvals
C-tick Supplier Code:
EN 55022:2010, EN
PTC 211/12/017
Technical specifications
Power Requirements
Operating Voltage:
10.0V DC – 14.5V Dc @ 90mA
Voltage Input (Primary Source):
16-18V AC 50-60Hz – 24VA
External Power Adaptor or
220-240V AC to 18V AC
50-60Hz – 24VA Internal
2 | CM705PB Universal LAN Zone Expander Module
Stand-By – Battery (Secondary
12V DC, 7.2AH sealed
rechargeable battery Panasonic
LC-P127R2P or equivalent
Module Connection (RS485
Max total LAN length using multi
strand security cable = 300m;
Max total LAN length using 2 pair
twisted shielded data cable
(Belden 8723) = 1200m.
See manual for complete wiring
Programmable Outputs:
4 protected open-collector
outputs capable of providing a
maximum of 500mA (-) each.
Outputs are monitored for short
and open circuit and can monitor
the state of horn speakers and
other connected devices.
Power Output Terminals:
COMM+ - 2.5A high current
output for use with onboard
outputs, PTC fuse protected.
+12V -1A outputs for use with
detectors or powering other
modules, PTC fuse protected.
Environmental Considerations
-30o to 55oC Operating
5% to 85% at 30oC noncondensing
Fixing Method:
The CM705B can be mounted in
the MW700, MW710, Mw720 or
MW730 enclosures using clip-in
PCB mounts supplied
PWA Dimensions:
235(W) x 85(D) x 40(H)mm
3 years
Ordering information
CM705PB Universal Expander Module PCB Only
Order number CM705PB
CM707B Plug On Zone Expander
Order number CM707B
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