Sun System 716560 EcoPlus Large Display Thermometer

Sun System 716560 EcoPlus Large Display Thermometer
Large Display
Digital Thermometer
& Hygrometer
• Measures indoor/outdoor temperature & indoor humidity.
• Stores the Min./Max. values of the indoor/outdoor
temperature and indoor humidity.
• Switch between °C and °F.
• 12/24 hour mode switch
• Recovery function on the Min./Max. values.
• Indoor temperature measuring range:
-22°F~122°F (-30°C~+50°C).
• Outdoor temperature measuring range:
-58°F~158°F (-50°C~+70°C).
• Indoor humidity measuring range: 20%~99%
(relative humidity).
• Resolution: Temperature: 0.1°C; Humidity: 1% RH.
• Power supply: one AAA alkaline battery.
• Operation environment: Temperature: 0°C~50°C;
Humidity: 5%~85% RH
• Automatically memorize the Min./Max. values of indoor/
outdoor temperature & indoor humidity.
• Press IN/OUT key to switch between indoor/outdoor
• Press MAX/UP key to display memorized indoor/outdoor
max temperature and indoor max humidity.
• Press MIN/DOWN key to display memorized indoor/
outdoor min temperature & indoor min humidity.
• Press RESET to clear memorized value & start to memorize
new max/min value.
• Press 12/24 to switch the time displaying modes.
• Switch °C / °F to display Celsius or Fahrenheit.
• Clock set:
Press Mode key for 3 seconds into time setting mode.
When “hour” blinks, press MAX/UP key and MIN/DOWN
key to increase or decrease the “hour” value. Holding the
key down changes the “hour” value faster. Press Mode
key again to confirm, and then “min” blinks, press MAX/
UP key and MIN/DOWN key to increase or decrease the
“min” value, press Mode key to exit setup of clock.
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