NEW StarChill Freezer Rack for qPCR tubes
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Gradual fade in color
indicates slowly rising
sample temperatures.
Maintain a fridge environment on the benchtop! The centre
section of StarChill racks changes colour when frozen. It then
gradually turns back to its original colour as it warms up, thus
giving an instant, visual-indication of the temperature.
Product features
 Color change: blue to white
 Tube / Plate Capacity: 64 x 0.1 ml Corbett Rotor-Gene
tubes, 16 x 0.2 ml and 4 x 0.5 ml tubes and strips
 Est. Time below 4° C: 2.5 hours
 Dimensions: 141 x 99 x 44 mm
Blue rack color indicates
safe sample temperature.
StarChill Freezer Rack
StarChill Freezer Rack qPCR
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*Time will vary, depending on ambient temperature. All StarChill racks must be frozen for a minimum
of 8 hours at -20 °C before use. Not Autoclavable.
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StarChill Freezer Rack qPCR
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