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Baracoda BL2604LR bar code reader
Data Capture for
Workforce in Motion
BLR2604 Long Range Laser Scanner
For Industrial applications where long range scanning distances and wireless long range transmission are key
Superior Long Range
barcode scanner
Designed for intensive
scanning applications
Bluetooth Class 1
enables long (up to 330
ft, 100m) and secure
Instantly connected with
Baracoda’s Plug & Scan
Easy setup & configuration with BaracodaManager Software
Visible & Audible Indicators for noisy environment
Thanks to its Long Range Scan engine and its gun shaped
form factor, the BLR2604 allows workers to scan distant
items without having to move closer to them. Therefore,
it answers the needs of a wide range of applications in
Transport and Logistics, in Factories, Warehouses and
Manufacturing sites.
As all products of the 2604 family, the BLR2604 permits
to transmit barcodes to a host and to receive an ackowledgment ensuring that the data has been correctly received
at a distance of up to 330 ft (100m).
The 2604 family is compatible with Baracoda Plug&Scan
offer. If you need to communicate wirelessly with your
vehicle mount terminal: simply plug the USB or serial
Plug&Scan dongle into your host and read the selected
pairing code. No other settings are required to be immediately operative.
Scanning distance: up to 50 ft (6m)
* with reflective barcodes
About Baracoda
World’s leading manufacturer of Bluetooth wireless barcode readers, Baracoda promotes the development
of data capture solutions for both Mobile and In premise applications. Specifically skilled in the management of power consumption, security, and the interoperability of systems, Baracoda provides customers
and partners with appropriate, reliable, extremely competitive solutions suitable for all wireless environments. For more information, visit
Baracoda, Inc. (US Office)
45 Main street - Suite 616 - Brooklyn, NY 11201
Ph: 718 488 9600 - Fx: 718 488 9601
Baracoda SA (Europe Office: France)
30 Avenue de l’Amiral Lemonnier - 78160 Marly-Le-Roi
Ph: +33 1 30 08 89 00 - Fx: +33 1 30 08 89 98
The bluetooth name and Bluetooth registered trademarks are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and are used by Baracoda under license. The Baracoda names and Baracoda trademarks are
own by Baracoda. All specification are subject to change without notice - Non contractual pictures © Baracoda - All rights reserved
Fully compliant with Bluetooth® 1.1 Standard
Gap & SPP profiles
CE - FCC - Bluetooth certified
Bi Color LED
Class 1: up to 330 ft (100m)
Real Time
Batch (1000 UPC barcodes, Flash Memory 64Kbytes)
Reading technology
Reading distance
Scan rate
Scan angle
Up to 21 ft (6 meters) with reflective barcodes
35 scans/s
30° (+ / - 2)
Bar Codes Supported POWER
UPC-A/E, EAN-8/JAN-8, EAN-13/JAN-13, EAN128, Code 32, Full ASCII code 39, code 39, code 93, Inter
leaved 2 of 5, industry 2 of 5, Codabar, Code 128, Chinese Postcode, IATA and MSI/Plessey code.
2 x AAA NimH - 2100 mAh rechargeable
Battery autonomy: up to 15,000 scans
5.63 in (143 mm)
3.10 in (78.8 mm)
6.08 in (154.5 mm)
6.08 oz (180 g) without batteries
32°F (0°C) - 104°F (40°C)
14°F (-10°C) - 158°F (70°C)
5 - 95% (Non condensing)
Several 3.3ft (1m) drops to concrete
Full darkness to sunlight
43.2 In. / 108.7 cm
10 In. / 25.4 cm
0 In. / 0 cm
10 In. / 25.4 cm
20 In. / 50.8 cm
10 mil
15 mil
20 mil
40 mil
55 mil
30 In. / 76.2 cm
43.2 In. / 108.7 cm
Just switch on your scanner or just come back
within the Bluetooth range of your host device
to get connected! The connection process,
thanks to the BaracodaManager or thanks
to the Plug&Scan dongles , is automatic and
completely transparent to the user.
The scanner can be used in the Real Time
Mode or Batch Mode:
• Real time mode will send barcodes while
• Batch mode will store barcodes on the
scanner and the user will upload them when
Intuitive user interface:
• Only one button to switch on, connect
and scan barcodes
• Multi color led for connection and battery
status • Sound beeps for successful scanning.
Platforms compatibility:
Baracoda provides users with user-friendly
software (BaracodaManager) and provides
developers with state of the art APIs to
ease the integration on the following mobile
• PC
• PPC 2002/2003; CE.NET; Palm OS
• Symbian and Java Mobile Phones + RIM
• Most Bluetooth devices (printers, access
points, ...)
Plug and Scan Solution
Real Plug & Scan solution with Baracoda
Serial Dongle (compatible with all devices
equipped with a RS232 port) and Baracoda
USB Plug&Scan Dongle. Just plug it into your
host, read the related pairing barcode and
use it. The easiest way to use a Bluetooth
Width of Field
in Inches / Centimeters
30 In. / 76.2 cm
20 In. / 50.8 cm
One click connectivity and AutoReconnection:
One product, two modes:
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Operating humidity
Ambient light
General features
70 mil reflective
100 mil Reflective
80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 (Inches)
50.8 101.6 152.4 203.2 254 304.8 355.6 406.4 457.2 608 658.8 609.8 (Cm)
Typical Depth of Field in Inches / Centimeters
Note: Typical performance at 68° F (20°C) on high quality symbols
Package content
1 BLR 2604
2 rechargeable batteries
1 Charger
1 CD with all the documentation and software needed.
Available accessory
Protective boot and key retractable reel:
The protective boot for the 2604 Serie is made of ruggedised high density foam. It is made by two
separate units -one covering the hood and the second covering the base of the handle of the scanner- linked together by an elastic rope. While the protective boot does add some bulk to the scanner, its shock
protection value compensates for this size increase. The protective boot also offers a small ring that can
be attached to a key retractable reel. It is ideal for mobile workers who need a rugged product.
© Baracoda™ - September 2004 - Preliminary specifications are subject to change without notice. Non contractual photographs.
BLR2604 Specifications
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