CMP4214E CMP4213E - Hitachi Digital Media Group

CMP4214E CMP4213E - Hitachi Digital Media Group
CMP4213E & CMP4214E
Plasma Monitor
Technical Specifications
Hitachi PDP (Plasma Display Panel) Monitor, which can only connect with PC.
Screen size
Screen type
Pixel pitch
Gray level
Panel Luminance (Typical)
1024 x 1024
0.90 (horizontal) x 0.51 (vertical) mm
16.7 Million
1100 cd/m2
RMS Output
Surround Sound
1 bit AMP
2 x 12W
Connector RGB2 (analogue)
Control (RS232C)
Audio for RGB2
15 Pin D-sub
9 Pin D-sub, RS232C 9600bps
L/R mini-headphone jack
Video Format
Sync level
Power Consumption
Dimensions (WxHxD)
AC 100~240V/50~60Hz
1030 x 636 x 90 mm
Optional (Swivel)
5 ~35°
20 ~80% (non-condensing)
800 ~1114 hPa (reference value: max altitude 1888m)
EN55022 class B
EN55024, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
with Optional Video Upgrade Card
with Optional Video Upgrade Card fitted prior to delivery*
Optional Table Mount
Optional Wall Mount
Remote Control
High Performance 42”
Plasma Display
15 Pin D-Sub
RGB analogue, 0.7Vp-p, 75 Ω
H/V Separate Sync and H/V Composite Sync: TTL level
Sync on Green: 0.3Vp-p, 75 Ω
Horizontal: 24~106kHz, Vertical: 50~85Hz
Stereo, 470mV High Impedance
Contrast, Brightness, Display Size, Vertical Position,
Horizontal Position, Clock, Phase
COOL: 12,000K, NORMAL: 9,300K, WARM: 6,500K
USER: manual adjustment
Volume, Balance, Treble, Bass, Mute
Power, Volume Up/Down, Mute, Input Select,
Adjustment Menu, ID select
9 Pin D-sub Control through PC
Colour Temperature
Units: mm
Monitor Dimensions
Units: mm
Signal Level
Video Format
Signal Level
Screen Adjustment*
PAL/SECAM/NTSC, Composite & S-Video
1.0Vp-p, 75Ω, Composite Sync
Video: Phono x 1, S terminal x 1
Audio: Phono (L/R) x 1
Loop through on composite only, BNC x 1,75Ω
Y, PB, PR or Y, CB, CR
Y=1.0V; PB, CB, PR, CR = 0.7Vp-p, 75Ω Sync. on Y
Video: Phono x 3
Audio: Phono (L/R) x 1
Contrast, Brightness, Colour,
Colour Tone, Sharpness
* Optional Video Board can be fitted prior to delivery.
• XGA and VGA are registered trademarks of IBM Corp. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer,
Inc. All other brand names and product names are trademarks, registered trademarks or trade names of their
respective holders.
• When a plasma display is turned on, minute dots light up on the screen. Please be aware that in some parts of
the screen may not light, while in other parts dots will always light. This is normal and is not a malfunction.
• To prevent overheating of the plasma panel an air cooling system is used. To assure proper operation of this
system, the plasma display should be installed and operated in a vertical position. If the display is installed
horizontally or at an excessive angle, heat may not be effectively dissipated and overheating could occur.
This could lead to a malfunction.
• All on-screen images shown in this catalogue are simulated.
• Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Hitachi Europe Ltd
Whitebrook Park
Lower Cookham Road
Berkshire SL6 8YA
Tel: 01628 585 000
Fax: 01628 585 500
The specification above and photography is for
reference only and may be subject to change
Optional Video Board
• 42” 16:9 Aspect Ratio Plasma Display
• New H3 Panel and I2 Intelligent Image Chip
• High Resolution ALIS Technology
• Comprehensive Computer Inputs
• Life Extension Mode
CMP4213E & CMP4214E Features
H3 Panel - Improved
Brightness and Contrast
Hitachi’s new CMP4213E & CMP4214E plasma
displays incorporate a host of new technology
features, which combine to produce the ultimate in
picture performance. With 1024 x 1024 pixel highresolution, 16:9 aspect ratio screen and an extra-high
peak white brightness level of 1100cd/m2, this Plasma
display provides a higher quality picture. Among other
technical advances featured are Hitachi’s I2 Intelligent
Image Chip, which enables high quality progressive
scan processing and high speed digital processing.
Capable of conveying the breathtaking beauty of high
resolution images and the minute details and crisp
colours of high resolution computer generated
graphics, this slim and space saving wide-screen
display is ideal for visual communication applications.
Designed to deliver outstanding picture quality, the
CMP4213E & CMP4214E incorporates Hitachi’s new H3
Panel which delivers dynamic contrast and improved
brightness. With a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and panel
brightness of 1100 cd/m2, this display reproduces amazing
quality pictures.
Refinements to the phosphors and drive system have raised
the brightness of the H2 Panel by 10%, while new optical
characteristics of the panel and front filter have improved
both overall image brightness and made colour reproduction
more natural.
I Intelligent Image Chip
The CMP4213E & CMP4214E features Hitachi’s new
I2 Intelligent Image Chip which enables high quality
progressive scan processing and high speed digital
processing. This ensures the best contrast level for all
signals that are run through the display panel. The Digital
colour management allows tint and black levels to be
independently controlled so that vivid and natural pictures
can be obtained without affecting other colours. With
1024p High Performance Signal Processor, this feature can
overlap the fields to create more lines resulting in clearer,
sharper picture quality, whilst also scanning
pages/information far quicker to reduce flicker.
Hitachi’s Plasma Display Promotes Effective
Communication in a Wide Range of Situations
I2 Intelligent
Image Chip
Life Extension Mode
The CMP4213E & CMP4214E is equipped with Life
Extension Mode that limits the maximum brightness to
either 75% or 60% and gradually increases the setting over
time to keep the picture brightness constant. This can
increase panel life by as much as 67%.
Video Upgrade Board*
Information boards in reception areas
In store installation
Executive offices
The KT option on the Video Upgrade Board provides the
following inputs to accommodate today’s wide variety of
signal sources.
These include:
Showroom displays
Fitness club displays
Visual art displays for spatial ambience
Component/Composite Video for DVD/VCR
Component or RGB/Composite for DVD/Set Top Box
S-Video/Composite for VCR/Camcorder
SCART (RGB/S-Video/Composite for DVD/
Set Top Box/VCR)
ALIS Technology
The CMP4213E & CMP4214E employs Hitachi’s ALIS
(Alternate Lighting of Surfaces) technology to achieve
high resolution and high brightness. ALIS employs two
closely spaced lines of phosphors for each line of a
conventional screen and emits light from each line
alternately. The result is a smoother more natural image
without the obvious black lines between pixels that
conventional panels display. Because ALIS uses different
electrodes for odd and even lines, each electrode is only
on for half the time of a conventional panel.
This reduced duty cycle significantly increases the
screen’s effective working life.
Multi-Scanning from VGA
The CMP4213E & CMP4214E accepts video signals with
horizontal scanning frequencies from 24kHz to 106kHz and
vertical scanning (or frame) frequencies of between 50Hz
and 85Hz. As a result, this display is capable of producing
high quality pictures from almost any type of PC video
output signal ranging from VGA to UXGA. Three screen
modes are available to suit particular signal sources and
applications. These modes are NORMAL (no change in the
aspect ratio), FULL (enlargement/reduction of the aspect
ratio to make the image fill the 16:9 screen), and ZOOM
(no change in the aspect ratio but with vertical scrolling of
the image on the screen). On top of this the CMP4213E &
CMP4214E also has a full complement of features that
makes this display ideal for use as a PC monitor including
automatic adjustment functions for PC signal compatibility,
phase and clock frequency.
* Speakers shown are an optional extra
Multi Picture Modes
To add to the flexibility for presentations, this new
feature, Multi Picture Modes, allows you to show a
split screen with two images. This can be a choice of
Picture and Picture or Picture in PC and is ideal for
visual communication applications. (Only available
when optional KT Video Board fitted - Please see
Ordering Information section overleaf).
Manual Adjustable
White Balance
This function allows you to set any desired colour
temperature to achieve the correct white balance. In addition
to three fixed modes, there is a selector/manual mode that
allows the user to precisely set each of the RGB colours
separately to produce the exact desired result.
Features for Reduced
Image Retention
The CMP4213E & CMP4214E has sophisticated screen
saver features that enable the user to shift the picture by
a variable number of pixels and time to help prevent static
images marking the screen.
If these functions are employed when high contrast
elements are displayed, image retention effects can be
substantially reduced. In addition, this model has an input
signal reverse display function and a whole-screen white
display that refreshes the screen if any temporarily
retained images are visible.
Compact and Versatile
While the CMP4213E & CMP4214E’s 42-inch screen
measures 922 x 522mm, the slim and lightweight unit is
only 89mm in depth and weighs just 31kg (excluding the
table stand). In addition to desktop use with the optional
table stand, the display can be mounted on to a ceiling or
wall using one of a variety of optional mounting units, in
horizontal and vertical formats.
Built-in Stereo Amplifier
Equipped with built-in 10W per channel stereo
power amplifier, the CMP4213E & CMP4214E can be
connected to a pair of optional external speakers to
provide a dynamic audio accompaniment to viewing,
presentations, etc.
Easy on the Environment
To make the CMP4213E & CMP4214E as environmentally
friendly as possible, Hitachi has reduced the number of
components contained within each Plasma, and make
effective use of natural resources wherever possible.
This has reduced the number of hazardous materials used
by utilising lead free and non halogen resin, resulting in a
more energy efficient panel.
Table Mount
700(W) x 185(H) x 300(D) mm
Wall Mount
CMPAK345 (angled)
536(W) x 575(H) x 22(D) mm
Optional Speakers
100(W) x 636(H) x 90(D) mm
Speaker Stands
Fits CMPAS04S Speakers
180(W) x 235(H) x 180(D) mm
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