Build Your Ideal Communications Solution With Our Variety of

Build Your Ideal Communications Solution With Our Variety of
Build Your Ideal Communications Solution With
Our Variety of Feature Offerings
Call Logs
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Caller ID Delivery
Call Forward Always
Call Forward Busy Line
Call Forward No Answer
Call Forward Not Reachable
Call Hold
Call Return
Call Transfer
Message Waiting Indicator
Three Way Calling
Voicemail to Email
Anonymous Call Rejection
Busy Lamp
Call Block
Call Forward Selective
Call Notify
Directed Call Pickup
Do Not Disturb
Find Me Follow Me
Multiple Call Arrangement
N-way Calling
Push To Talk
Selective Call Acceptance
Shared Call Appearance
Speed Dial
Call Logs – View and dial from the lists of stored
numbers in your call history, which are categorized
by missed, received, and dialed calls.
Call Waiting - Alerts a user already on a call when
there is another incoming call. User can press Flash
to answer or to switch back and forth from the
current call to the new call.
Caller ID - Identify your caller before picking up
the phone. Caller ID displays the name and/or
company along with the number for incoming calls.
Caller ID Delivery Blocking - Block your own Caller
ID information from displaying when you make an
outgoing call.
Privacy - Determine which users are permitted to
monitor and view information regarding your direct
line. Privacy options allow you to exclude your
number from your organization’s Directory Listings,
Virtual Assistant Extension Dialing, Virtual Assistant
Name Dialing and Phone Status monitoring.
Call Forward Always - Forward all calls to another
number. Along with the other Call Forward options,
this setting can easily be turned on and off both
through our Subscriber Portal and via phone. Call
Forward Always can also be used for Disaster
Call Forward Busy Line - Forward calls to another
number when the line is busy. Along with the other
Call Forward options, this setting can easily be
turned on and off through our Subscriber Portal.
Call Forward No Answer - Forward calls to another
number when line goes unanswered within a
selected number of rings. Along with the other Call
Forward options, this setting can easily be turned
on and off through our Subscriber Portal.
Call Forward Not Reachable - Forward calls to
another number when your phone is offline or
unavailable. Along with the other Call Forward
options, this setting can easily be turned on and off
both through our Subscriber Portal and via phone.
Call Forward Not Reachable can also be used for
Disaster Recovery.
Call Hold - Place an existing call on hold for an
extended period of time, and then retrieve the call
to resume conversation.
Call Return - Quickly return missed calls by dialing
*69 to reach the last incoming caller.
Call Transfer - Transfer a call to another employee
or phone number. If your number is the main office
line, or a caller has reached the wrong extension in
error, Call Transfer makes it easy to redirect a call
to the correct person.
Message Waiting Indicator- Receive notifications
when you have a new voicemail. When a message is
waiting to be retrieved, you will be notified by an
Audible MWI in the form a stutter dial tone, or by a
Visual MWI with a blinking light and/or notice on
the display of any compatible IP phone. MWI will
remain on the phone until the new message has
been played.
Three Way Calling - Need another caller to hop on
the line? Chat with two callers at once with Three
Way Calling. It’s as easy as 1-2-3: While on the
first call, press the Flash button, dial your other
party’s number, and press the Flash button again
to add the original caller.
Voicemail - Send callers to your own personal
Voicemail when you are on another call, not at
your office or just too busy.
Voicemail to Email - Keep tabs on your business
line’s voicemail when you are on the go via your
mobile phone, tablet or personal laptop. With
Voicemail to Email, voicemail messages are sent
straight to your Inbox and can be accessed at your
convenience from any device that is email enabled.
Anonymous Call Rejection - Don’t be bothered by
telemarketers and other unidentified callers.
Enable Anonymous Call Rejection and incoming
callers who have blocked their directory or
identification information will hear an intercept
message or a busy signal when they call your
Anywhere - Stay connected to your business line
and all of its features from any phone, anytime,
anywhere. Anywhere allows you to make and
receive calls from your work number regardless of
where you are or which device you are using. With
Anywhere's capabilities to route to and ring
multiple destinations- mobile, home or desk phone
or all of the above, and its ability to move calls
from one phone type to another without ever
disconnecting, your voice services can finally keep
up with you.
Busy Lamp - A light on the phone that enables a
user to see if a selected group of users are busy.
Call Block - Block unwanted callers. By adding a
number to the Call Block list, the caller will get an
intercept message or a busy signal and you will
prevent your line from ever ringing when that
number calls. Use your Incoming Call Log
information to help identify the numbers you want
to add to your Call Block list. Numbers can be
added or deleted from the Call Block list by
checking or unchecking the checkbox in front of
the phone number on your Call Log or via the
Subscriber Portal.
Call Forward Selective - Forward specific callers
to specific locations. To give clearance, enter the
destination name and destination number you want
forwarded into the appropriate fields and select
Call Notify - Enables a user to define criteria that
cause certain incoming calls to trigger an email
Directed Call Pickup - Answer a call to a specific
number within your Call Pickup group ringing at
another location directly from your phone. To pick
up a call, users dial the Directed Call Pickup
feature access code, followed by the extension of
the user to which the call is being directed.
Do Not Disturb - Stop pages, calls or intercom
messages. Callers will receive a message stating
you are busy and are sent to Voicemail so you can
return messages at your convenience. If your
Voicemail is not activated, the caller will receive a
busy signal.
Find Me Follow Me - Forward calls from your
primary number to up to five alternate locations.
Keep entire team together with this group feature
that has options to simultaneously and sequentially
ring multiple lines and/or users based on a list of
phone numbers defined by the user.
Multiple Call Arrangement - Handle multiple calls
on different Shared Call Appearance locations at
the same time. All locations that have an available
call appearance can originate calls and receive new
incoming calls, regardless of the activity at the
other individual locations.
N-way Calling - Allows users to add any number of
other parties to a call, up to a maximum number of
15 users.
Push to Talk - Call another user and their phone
will beep and activate the microphone and speaker
to allow hands-free intercom communication. Push
to Talk has many options such as Auto Answer, one
or two way outgoing connection types and varying
Access List types that enable you to choose to
allow Push To Talk calls from only the selected
users listed or everyone except the selected users
Selective Call Acceptance - Accept only certain
incoming callers identified by you. On the
Subscriber Portal, you can create and modify this
list. All calls from phone numbers that are not on
that list will receive a message stating “The party
you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this
time” and will not go to voicemail.
Shared Call Appearance - Allows for incoming calls
to ring on up to 35 additional phones
simultaneously, connecting the first phone to be
Speed Dial - Enter frequently dialed numbers for
quick and simple access. A Speed Dial code can be
assigned to up to 20 contacts. To be connected,
just dial # followed by their 2-digit Speed Dial code
(01-20) that has been assigned to the number you
wish to call. You can add and delete contacts from
your Speed Dial both on the phone and through our
Subscriber Portal.
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