AC2000 Salto off-line locks

AC2000 Salto off-line locks
AC2000 Salto
off-line locks
Integrated off-line lock support
using SHIP
Features That Make a Difference:
Seamless integration with CEM AC2000
Virtually unlimited number of off-line locks
Off-line lock control is suitable for storage
areas, office spaces etc. where real-time
security monitoring is not a priority.
Flexible design that can be fitted to almost
any type of door.
High level interface via Ethernet between
AC2000 and off-line lock system using
SHIP (Salto Host Interface Protocol).
Salto online readers to update cards for
off-line reader access.
Off-line transactions synchronized with
AC2000 Server.
Based on SHIP specification v1.19b.
The CEM AC2000 interface to Salto off-line
locks allows communication with the Salto
server and control of cardholder access
permissions to off-line locks, directly from
AC2000 Access Control System. This
seamless interface supports bi-directional
communication with the Salto system
utilizing SHIP (Salto Host Interface Protocol).
The Salto off-line locking solution
offers flexibility within any project
where cabling is an issue.
Salto off-line locks can be installed on
almost any type of door ranging from narrow
profile, aluminium doors, heavy duty doors,
panic bars, glass doors and many more.
With the Salto off-line lock solution no
cabling is required to the actual lock
installation. If required, door inputs
can be wired separately to CEM online
devices for real-time monitoring.
SHIP Interface
The AC2000 support for off-line locks
utilizes a high level interface to SHIP (Salto
Host Interface Protocol). The AC2000
Access Control System and the Salto
off-line lock system exchange cardholder
data via SHIP communications over an
Ethernet network. Salto online readers
(hotspots or control points) are used to
update a card with access permissions for
off-line lock use. In addition, cardholder
off-line door transactions are also reported
back to the Salto server. AC2000 will poll
the Salto server frequently to retrieve off-line
transactions for reporting and trending.
Nested off-line lock
access control
Additional doors can be added to a
customer’s existing security system at a low
cost. Doors fitted with Salto off-line lock
technology are integrated and managed
within the existing AC2000 system.
In the case when highly secure CEM
readers and real-time monitoring are not
required, doors can be fitted with Salto
off-line lock technology, creating a fully integrated and managed lock solution within
the AC2000 access control system.
Salto online
readers - hotspots
Off-line locks can be placed into a controlled
nested area, for example within a zone of
online CEM readers for added security.
Off-line locks can be accessed by a card
holder only after appropriate access
permissions are written to the card by
swiping a card at a hot-spot reader. This will
update and activate access to offline locks.
The off-line lock access permissions are
managed on the central AC2000 system.
By default, access to off-line locks will
expire after one day, unless a card is
updated with a fresh hotspot transaction.
Ordering Information
• AC2000 v7.0 & upwards, AC2000 Airport v7 &
upwards or AC2000 Lite v7 & upwards
• AC2000 System license to cover total
number of doors on the system
• AC2000 Salto off-line locks Interface license to
cover required amount of off-line doors
• Salto off-line lock products:
Product Code
Interface license for up to 16
door Salto Off-line locks
Interface license for up to 32
door Salto Off-line locks
Interface license for up to 64
door Salto Off-line locks
Interface license for up to 128
door Salto Off-line locks
Interface license for up to 192
door Salto Off-line locks
Interface license for up to 256
door Salto Off-line locks
–– Salto Pro-Access For Service (version or above)
and SALTO Service RW (version or above)
(requires Microsoft Windows PC and Microsoft SQL server)
–– Salto Ethernet smartcard encoder
–– Salto Portable Programming Device (PPD)
–– Salto online card reader (minimum 1, to write off-line
access permissions)
–– Salto off-line locks
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