TV-lift TS750 - Ascending Vision

TV-lift TS750 - Ascending Vision
TV-lift TS750
The TS750 electric TV Lift can be
used as a high definition plasma
TV lift, widescreen flat panel HDready plasma TV lift, widescreen
plasma TV lift, HDTV LCD TV lift,
wide screen HDTV LCD TV lift,
widescreen HDTV-ready flat-panel
LCD TV lift and that’s not all.
The TV lift is powered by a Bosch
gearmotor and can be operated
by using either a rocker switch or
a remote control. Manufactured in
China, warehouse in Denmark and
Electrical movement in furniture and buildings
TV-lift TS750
Component specifications
Metal sheet parts: Gear parts: Gear motor: Power supply: Consumption: Plastic components:
Surface treatment:
Lifting capacity:
Main measurements:
St 37-2
St 70-2
Bosch no. 0 390 257 685
60 W AC Power Transformer
60 Watts; Standby: 0,01 Watts
Visible metal parts powder coated in
black colour. Non visible metal parts
are surface treated (e.g. zinc plated).
Remote system RF signal operated
(Radio frequency)
750 mm
100 kg
28 mm/sec
Fits Vesa Std.:
After installation of the mechanism, the
electrical components can be connected.
All wires have DC jacks and since different types (size- male/female) have been
used, only the correct connection can be
made. All products come with an instruction manual.
The mechanism can now be operated up
and down using the supplied remote unit,
RF. Push "+" and the lift will expand.
Electrical movement in furniture and buildings
TV-lift TS750
Cabinet installation dimensions:
Plasma installation dimensions:
Electrical movement in furniture and buildings
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