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Verbatim D-R SL 25GB 4x Colour 3pk
V Verbatim
BD-R SL 25GB 4X 3PK Colour Slim Case
Reorder: 43716
Warranty: Litetime (Germany 2 years)
Product Description:
. High capacity storage discs, record and playback HD videos.
. 4 descs wath coloured surface in pastel blue, green and red hor
easier storage.
Save storage space due to slimcase
Barcode: 023842437161
EAN 128: (02)00023942437/7161(37)6(0N81)02
EAN 14: 50023942437166
Carton Quantity: 60
Carton Dimensions: 325" 150” 145 mm
Pack Dimensions: 142 15174 mm
Product Weight: 0.18kg f4kg [ 372kg
Units/Pallet: 5400pcs / 90 cartons / 1,8600packs
Availability: I ove
Sales Information: Hardcost scratch guard protection against
scratches, fingerprints, dust, oil & water.
Metal ablative recording layer to ensure excellent recording compabbility
and prolonged stability for archival life
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