Verbatim | 43722 | Datasheet | Verbatim BD-R DL 50GB 2x Printable 25pk

Verbatim BD-R DL 50GB 2x Printable 25pk
V Verbatim
Sales Presenter
| BD-R DL 50GB 2X Printable 25PK Spindle
Reorder No; 43722
Product Use: BD-R DL 50GB 2x Wide Inkjet Printable
surface 22-118mm for unique disc design packed in 250K
(Span die.
Barcode: 023402437222
EANT ZE: (020002394243 772237 01009140
EAN: JOU2 3942437227
Carton Quantity: 100 (Minimum Order Quantity 2opcs)
Carton Dimensions: 304mm” 150mm” 128mm
Weight = 3kg / outerbox
Disc Surface: Printable
Beginning of Movember 2009
Sales Information: Wide Inkjet Printable surface 22-
118mm for unique disc design packed in 25pk spindle
LR the Jetty Blu-ray user; No ID Branding for full user - Metal Ablafhve Recording layer, To ensure excellent recording
+ Hardooat Scratch Guard Protection against scratches,
fingerprints, dust, oil and water,
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