Trust 230V Power for Truck, Camper & Boat
230V Power for Truck, Camper & Boat
Key features
100W power inverter that supplies 230V (AC) from the 24V (DC) cigarette
lighter connection of your truck, camper, bus or boat
Suitable to power 230V equipment such as your notebook with the original
wall power adapter
With USB charge connection to power/charge your (TomTom) navigation
system, iPod, mobile phone or other device with 5V/500mA power
Conveniently fits in your car's cup holder while using it
Universal solution: no more need to buy different types of car charger
20-30V DC input, 230V AC (7.5A) output. power ratings 100W continuous,
150W (up to 30 minutes) and 200W peak power
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