Connecting What`s Next Flexiva RMXdigital

Connecting What`s Next Flexiva RMXdigital
Flexiva RMXdigital™
Broadcast Audio Console
The Flexiva RMXdigital™ system
features a compact design that offers
high reliability, excellent performance,
operational flexibility, easy­to­use
controls, and robust construction. In
addition to rotary source selectors and
take buttons, all input modules are
equipped with 10­character alphanumeric
displays and status LEDs to show the
active or next input.
Take a closer look at the Flexiva RMXdigital — a console with
Being the first choice of major­market stations and
or 48 kHz sampling rates. Features up to six simultaneous
programmers, the Flexiva RMXdigital console includes a
Telco/Codec inputs, each supported by a mix­minus output
number of industry firsts, including universal modules for
with automatic On­Line/Off­Line switching
unprecedented broadcast versatility, switchable analog or
Ability of each mix­minus to be routed to digital and analog
digital inputs, four program buses, six mix­minuses and frame
sizes with up to 28­input module capacity.
Ability of Telco Record mix bus to be routed to digital and
features and functionality that will exceed your expectations.
Product Features
An all­digital design to accomplish everything from program
mixes to the talkback channels
Four Program busses, each with digital and analog outputs.
Program 1 and 2 digital outputs can be set to either 44.1 kHz
or 48 kHz sampling rates
One Send bus, with digital and analog outputs. Send
assignments can be sourced post­fader, pre­fader and/or pre­
switch. The Send digital output can be set to either 44.1 kHz
analog outputs
The Flexiva RMXdigital console includes onboard
Meter panel assembly with two stereo bar graph meters: one
setup/storage for snapshot sessions, with automated recall
dedicated to Program 1 and the second is switchable to
and extensive logic functionality. Hot­swappable panel
monitor other busses, digital clock and timer. Meters can be
modules and instant access to all connections via the tilt­up
set by the user to display Average with Peak or Average Only.
rear panel contribute to quick and simple installation and
Each meter is also equipped with a separate, high­brightness
maintenance. Radio stations with sophisticated programming
Peak flash indicator that can be set by the user at FSD (full­
requirements can step into the future without turning their
scale digital) or up to 6 dB before FSD
backs on the full­featured operation they’ve come to expect
TCP/IP network connectivity to support interactivity with
from past analog designs.
automation systems and servers
The Flexiva RMXdigital system is an excellent choice for
standalone and networked console applications. Leverage the
Flexiva VistaMax™ network to share audio resources across
Product Details
User­Friendly Operation
a facility without the need for time consuming and costly
The Flexiva RMXdigital console can be networked with the
Flexiva VistaMax network audio management systems, as
well as with Flexiva NetWave® consoles, throughout the
facility. And the the system’s analog inputs can be increased
with a 4X­A2D A to D converter.
Connecting What's Next
© 2014 GatesAir
© 2014 GatesAir
Flexiva RMXdigital™
Bright LED­illuminated buttons angle toward the operator and
Power Supply Redundancy
feature permanent laser­marked legends. Off, Talkback and
The Flexiva RMXdigital console includes a built­in power
Meter/Monitor selector switches have standard accessory
supply coupler to support dual power supplies simply by
clear lens caps to allow customer installation of source labels.
adding an optional 99­1205 power supply.
Extensive Control
Input Modules — Easy to Learn, Easy to Use
Fully isolated logic connections allow for complete control of
In addition to router control rotary source selectors and take
sources located in the studio, remotely and via the VistaMax
buttons, all input modules are equipped with 10­character
system. The Flexiva RMXdigital console also provides TCP/IP
alphanumeric displays and status LEDs showing both the
connectivity for control of and interaction with automation
active and alternate/standby inputs. Any module can also be
systems. The powerful array of logic control options ensures
used for Telco/Codec inputs with direct talkback to the source
operators have the flexibility they need and the simplicity they
via the foldback (IFB).
Setup Simplicity, On­the­Fly Module Exchange
Exchanging a module is as simple as plugging it in.
Like all Flexiva consoles, the Flexiva RMXdigital system
features separate connectors for each audio and logic
function, eliminating the need for costly wiring fan­outs. Wiring
changes can be made by simply plugging in additional
Hot­swappable panel modules
Console session setup, with onboard storage for snapshot
sessions and automated preset recall
Instant Access
The Flexiva RMXdigital console’s top rear panel allows instant
tilt­up access to all console connections for quick and simple
Simple Repairs
Critical console modules and sub­assemblies are easily
disconnected and reconnected for easy maintenance. Hot­
pluggable, front­panel modules and an I/O card allow for quick
swap­out for repair.
Digital Time Display
The digital timer displays in tenths of seconds in the Hold and
Stop modes and also appears blank when time is running to
minimize board operator distractions.
Documentation and Tools
Every Flexiva console comes with a detailed manual,
connector kit and special tools.
Embedded Flexiva VistaMax Network Connectivity
The Flexiva RMXdigital console features built­in support for
Flexiva VistaMax networking to share 128 channels, and
simultaneous, bi­directional sources with embedded logic via
simple CAT­5E cables or fiber connections. Ethernet
connectivity is included for connection to the Flexiva VistaMax
supervisory network and the outside world.
Connecting What's Next
Flexiva RMXdigital™
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Proprietary and confidential
Flexiva RMXdigital™
Headphone Jack
Headphone jack with an integrated amplifier designed to power even low­impedance headphones.
Studio Monitoring
Extensive studio monitoring built in, providing support for host, guest and monitor feed, including talkback, dimming, and muting.
Monitor selection can be from pre­assigned sources or any routed source using the integrated VistaMax selector.
Control Room Monitoring
Control room monitoring with auto­switching to support “true on­air” and “simulated on­air” with live mics. Extensive monitoring
selection includes integrated VistaMax selector and auto­cue for operator headphones. Mode function switches provide simple
phase monitoring.
Cue System
Provides monitoring via an integrated amp and speaker located in the top cover.
Time of Day Clock
Operates as either an accurate standalone clock, or syncs to your house master clock.
Event Timer
Integrated timer with comprehensive controls allows you to keep track of events with accuracy.
Open Accessory Panel Space
Provides for maximum flexibility for special customer control requirements, VistaMax intercom and control panels or future system
feature enhancements.
Channel ON/OFF
Features optically isolated remote machine control for interface to all popular studio equipment and remote microphone panels.
Additionally, with the optional VistaMax system, ON/OFF control can be connected to remote sources via the VistaMax network.
Flexible Phone and Codec System
Provides six simultaneous mix­minus feeds to support even the most demanding formats. System allows for automatic selection
of mix­minus feeds, whether live, on­air talk segments or “offline” contests. Integrated talkback allows for communications with
callers, or talent at a remote site. From complex talk show requirements to music formats with hot phones, RMXdigital handles
both with ease.
Input Mode Selection
Provides for selection of stereo, left, right or mono mode of the incoming source.
Features a dedicated program meter and an auxiliary meter to view additional outputs via an integrated meter selector.
Pan and Balance
Allows for image control of sources; includes ON/OFF switch.
Bus Assign Switches
Allows for inputs to be routed to any combination of the outputs. The switches are sealed with integrated LEDs for long, reliable
service under extensive use.
Function Key
Provides access to extended features and optional functionality.
10­Character Display and Input Select
Displays current and pending input selections. Integrated selector provides access to any RMXdigital console­based or remote
VistaMax­based source in a simple dial­and­take action.
Console Session Control
Instantly save or recall console setups, including remote VistaMax commands.
Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice
Analog Line Inputs
Input Impedance
>60 K ohms, balanced
Input Level Range
Selectable, ­10 dBv, +4, +6, +8 dBu
Input Headroom
20 dB above nominal Input
Analog Main Outputs
Output Source Impedance
<3 ohms, balanced
600 ohms minimum
Connecting What's Next
Output Load Impedance
Nominal Output Levels
Maximum Output Levels
Digital Inputs and Outputs
Program, Send: +4 dBu
Program, Send: +24 dBu
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Proprietary and confidential
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