AEG 6000007749 Datasheet
Ease of use
PROTECT TwinPower.
Security for various applicaions
with protected USB chargers
Surges can be caused, for example, by lightning striking your
premises. Lightning induces voltage surges in conductors and
cables that can damage any connected equipment. Also
switching in households, for example with luroescent lamps
and conventional ballast, can cause surges in the buildings
wiring system. Effective protection provides AEG‘s surge
protector series.
With PROTECT TwinPower., AEG offers you a flexible voltage
solution for the desktop. Its 7 power outlets provide enough
room for all peripheral devices around the computer. Owing
to its two-part design, the connection cables can be flexibly
housed. The first part serves as a power supply for the
computer, printer and monitor. The other part of the surge
protective conductor has a power switch for disconnecting
the TwinPower from the network. With this feature, all
connected devices do not consume electricity when in
standby. Furthermore, the desk unit has 3 other power
sockets. Cell phones and MP3 players can be charged
using its two protected USB ports.
Key features:
• divided surge protector,
one part always powered
• overall 4 + 3 protected sockets
• 2 protected USB chargers
• easily accessible power switch
• dust resistant and childproof sockets
• surge protection up to 36,000 A
PROTECT TwinPower: technical specifications
Category III / D / T3 acc. to IEC 61643-1
PROTECT TwinPower.
Nominal input current
230 Vac, 50 / 60 Hz
Mains input
angled safety plug
Load outlets
4 x safety sockets (always powered);
1 x safety socket, 2 x EU socket, 2 USB chargers
Safety standard
Protection technology
triple conductor L-N / L-PE / N-PE
Surge protection
up to 36.000 A
Dimensions approx. (B x H x D)
280 mm x 52 mm x 115 mm
Weight approx.
0,8 kg
Part number
600 000 7749
AEG is a registered trademark used under license from AB Electrolux • Specifications are subject to change without notice • 06/2010
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