LITHIUM BATTERY Overview: • Capacity: 15 Amp • Input: 5C 2A

LITHIUM BATTERY Overview: • Capacity: 15 Amp • Input: 5C 2A
• Capacity: 15 Amp
• Input: 5C 2A max (USB Standard)
• Output: DC 12 volt, 5V
• Power indicator: 4 LEDs indicate charge capacity for 0-100%
• Protection circuitry: over current, short circuit, over charge, over discharge
• Ships with:
12-volt bare wire output cable with crimps and heat shrink tubing
USB charging cable
• Press control button once to turn battery on and activate USB 5-volt output.
• Press control button twice to enable both USB 5-volt output and 12-volt output.
• Press button again to turn off.
• Attach USB charging cable to charge port on battery.
• Attach other end to standard USB charger or computer.
• Alternatively, attach USB cable to Wilderness Systems Solar Panels for topping off energy from the sun.
• LED indicators will flash when in charging mode and will switch to a steady glow when the charge is complete.
• If you prefer a more secure installation of your Wilderness Systems Lithium Battery to your kayak, you have the option to
purchase a Wilderness Systems Lithium Battery Cradle. Its stainless steel frame secures your battery storage even when
the kayak is in rough waters or capsized. The Lithium Battery Cradle is optimized to fit within the hull of any kayak hull and
is custom fit for the Wilderness Systems Lithium Battery.
Care & Maintenance:
• Keep cable connectors covered when not in use.
• Store in a cool dry place.
• If stored for long periods, top off charge every 2-3 months to prevent battery from going completely flat.
• Battery is water resistant but NOT waterproof. DO NOT SUBMERGE
• Keep batteries out of reach of children, as they could be swallowed; if swallowed, contact your doctor immediately.
• Do not throw the battery into a fire, short circuit, or take the battery apart.
• If the battery is spent, remove from the light immediately to decrease the risk of leakage.
• Do not expose the battery to extreme conditions to decrease the risk of leakage, e.g. storage on radiators, in sunshine, etc.
• Avoid contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes; if coming into contact with battery acid, rinse affected areas directly
with clean water and contact your doctor immediately.
Wilderness Systems, 575 Mauldin Road, Suite 200, Greenville, SC 29607
Rev. 11/22/16
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