be.ez 2.5" LA robe HDD
Time Machine , protected.
= it Apricorn : Aegis Bio external HD / Buffalo : Mini Station / HP : HP
| S Pocket Media Hard Drive - 120GB, HP Pocket Media Hard Drive -
160GB / lomega : 250 GB, eGo Portable HD / LaCie : Mobile Drive, Mobile HD F.A.
Porsche, Rugged All Terrain HD, LaCie Safe 2.5, Sam Hecht Little Disk / Lenovo :
USB 2.0 Portable 80/120GB / Maxtor : One Touch 4 Mini, One Touch lll Mini /
Seagate : FreeAgent Go, USB2 pocket hard drive / Toshiba : PX1398E-2G20 2,5"
200 Go USB 2.0, SecuRed (NEW) / Western Digital : Elements Portable, WD Pass-
port and drives up to : 145x95x26mm / 5.7x3.75x1”
Memory Foam Technology (Low Resilience Polyurethane)
Time Machine” is a trademark of Apple, Inc. - be-ez and its logo are trademarks of Qwester Ltd.
Details :
- Low Resilience
Polyurethane (LRPu)
* Robe protection
thickness 5MM.
- Inner lip for maximum
* Trendy, unique design.
* Stands alone or in your
- Maximum protection
on your 2.5” HDD
Inside :
Need other sizes?
check all LArobe Protection
versions on
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