Smart Classroom Quick Reference Smart Podium Equipment

Smart Classroom Quick Reference Smart Podium Equipment
Smart Classroom Quick Reference
Smart Podium Equipment
Podium Contents
1. Monitor, mouse, and keyboard
2. Power outlet
3. USB connection for interactive
whiteboard mode
4. PC with DVD player (no Blu-ray)
Podium drawer contents:
 HDMI cable
 VGA cable
Crestron Touch Panel
 Located on wall next to the podium
Smart Classroom Quick Reference
Turning the Projector On
Locate the projector control panel
and touch the LMC Welcome screen
to power on the projector.
Note: if the control panel screen is
blank, tap the screen to wake it up.
The system will start warming up.
After the system is powered on, the
display will default to the Podium PC.
Turning the Projector Off
Locate the Power Off button in the
lower-right corner of the control
panel screen.
Press the Power Off button.
The Power Off Confirm box will
appear. Press the Yes, Power Off
The projector will cool down and
power off.
IMPORTANT: Turn off the projector
at the end of class.
Smart Classroom Quick Reference
Control Panel Overview
Display Source Options
Whiteboard: Displays the interactive
whiteboard mode.
Podium PC: Default display. Connects to
the podium computer.
HDMI: Displays an HDMI-connected
VGA: Displays a VGA-connected device.
Image Mute: Mutes the projector display.
Volume Controls
Up/Down: Adjusts volume level.
Mute: Mutes the audio.
Power Off
Smart Classroom Quick Reference
To report problems with the smart classroom equipment, contact Rashaad McAlpin x37365.
For smart classroom training, contact Courtney Diputado x37712.
For problems with the podium PC hardware or software, contact LMC IT&S x37767.
Common Problems
Audio does not work.
Check the volume level on the following items:
1) On the podium PC or connected device
2) On the application playing the audio
3) On the control panel
Check the control panel to make sure that the Mute button is not selected.
The projector won’t display the selected input source.
Verify that the correct source is selected on the control panel. If using the podium PC, make sure it is
powered on. Check the Image Mute button on the control panel. You may need to select another display
source on the control panel and select the correct source again.
Unable to turn off Image Mute.
If you cannot deselect the Image Mute button even after pressing the button and attempting to select other
control panel commands, use the Power Off button on the control panel to turn the projector off. Power the
projector back on and Image Mute will be cleared.
How do I connect my Mac via HDMI or VGA?
If your Mac does not have a HDMI port, you need a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI or VGA adapter.
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