Christie QuickConnect

Christie QuickConnect
Christie QuickConnect
Configuring the Projector
1. Make sure the wireless dongle is plugged into one of the USB ports on the projector and that
the blue LED on the dongle is flashing. (Solid LED or no LED signifies Wireless is not working)
2. Go to the projector’s Advance Menu
3. Go to Network Menu Wireless Setup Mode.
4. Choose Ad-hoc.
5. Go to Network Menu Wireless Setup DHCP.
6. Make sure DHCP is OFF.
7. Confirm that the projector has a valid IP Address and Subnet.
8. Go to Network Menu Wireless Setup SSID.
9. Make note of what SSID is chosen for that projector. (Default is ‘wireless’)
Applies to…
Wireless Adapter
is required.
Configuring the iOS Device
Click on the Settings icon.
In the Settings column, click on Wireless.
Under the Wi-Fi column, make sure Wi-Fi is enabled.
Under Choose a Network, choose the network name that corresponds to the SSID from the Projector.
Click on the right arrow button for that particular network.
Make sure that DHCP is chosen.
If you chose to use a static IP for the iPad, make sure it an IP address related to the IP address of the projector, but
not the same IP address. Make sure you are on the same Subnet Mask.
8. After a moment, the IP Address and the Subnet Mask should populate itself.
9. At this point, make sure Auto-join should be set to on.
Starting the Christie QuickConnect App
1. After the splash screen, the Projector screen will be displayed.
2. The projector that you want to connect to should be displayed.
3. If not, then you will need to press the search magnifying glass found at the top right side of the screen. This brings up
a Discovery box. Clicking on the refresh arrow on the right side will search for any new projectors found. Once your
projector is found click on SAVE. The projector should now be displayed on the Projector screen.
4. The projector icon is orange signifying that the projector has not been selected. Pressing the icon once will turn the
icon blue. The projector is now selected.
5. Click on the projector button.
The App should now be communicating the projector.
Every effort has been made to ensure the information in this document is accurate and reliable, however in
some cases changes in the specifications may not be reflected in this document. Christie reserves the right to
make changes to specifications at any time without notice.
Christie QuickConnect Job Aid v1.11 Jul14
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