Proper Blade Replacement and Tension

Proper Blade Replacement and Tension
Proper Blade Replacement and Tension
Idler Wheel
Teeth point
Drive Wheel
(Motor End)
Blade Guides
Teeth point
Guide Bearings
Follow directions for best results and general safety.
Wear gloves and safety glasses.
Unplug the saw!!
Raise head and close hydraulic. This will lock saw
head in the up-position. Raise and lock chip brush.
5. Loosen T-handle at least 5 full turns.
(Leave idler door shut.)
6. Remove blade from guide bearings by pushing down
on blade. (A small wood block can be used to help
push the blade out.)
7. Open all doors and remove blade from saw.
8. Clean and check bearings: remove chips, wipe clean.
9. Uncoil new blade - slowly! (Blade is under tension.)
10. Place new blade over the idle and drive wheel.
NOTE: Teeth must be facing toward you! Refer to
drawing above and decal for teeth direction.
11. Tighten blade by turning T-handle until all slack is
removed from top of the idler and drive wheel.
12. Twist blade into guide bearings.
13. Tension blade by turning T-handle one 360° turn.
14. Plug saw in and turn on for 3 to 5 seconds.
(This will pull the blade through the bearings.)
15. Turn saw off.
16. Final tension is achieved by turning the T-handle a
second 360° turn. NOTE: If the blade does NOT have
proper tension, the back of the blade will rub against the
saw frame.
17. Check the tracking of the blade. Turn saw on and
run for 10-15 seconds.
18. Turn saw off. - Now, observe that the teeth of the
blade are off the idler and drive wheels 1/8” to 1/4”.
NOTE: Improper blade tension will (greatly) affect
blade tracking.
19. Reposition the chip brush and close the doors.
20. Final Step: Break in the new blade to increase blade
life. See “Videos” on the website, check the manual or
call us for support.
For Visual Instruction: See Videos at the Ellis website or
watch the free Ellis DVD. For more detailed information, read
the manual. For further asistance, call our toll free number.
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