Shock resistant
Whether free climbing, mountain biking or snowboarding – the EX-G1 can keep up with the
action without being damaged.
Waterproof and dust-proof
From a brief sortie outdoors to a major adventure, the EXILIM EX-G1 is in on the action,
allowing you to take home some impressive photos.
Ultra-slim G design
Even in the urban jungle, the EX-G1 is in its element. It fits into any pocket, is quickly
operational and can be put away again just as fast. The case is just 19.9 millimetres thin.
12.1 megapixels
The EX-G1 CCD chip offers an amazing 12.1 megapixels. The camera delivers crystal-clear and
extremely detailed photos.
3x internal optical zoom
The EX-G1 is exceptionally slim and compact and yet boasts a 3x optical zoom.
Improved Dynamic Photo function
Thanks to the new Dynamic Photo function, you can not only cut out subjects from an image
series and insert them into other pictures, but you can also then combine these photos with
funny animations.
Wide Movie Shooting
Wide Movie Shooting lets you film movies in 16:9 wide screen format.
The EXILIM G EX-G1 is available to buy from specialist dealers, shopping centres, electrical goods stores and all
good shops.