4-bay High Performance Storage
for Advanced Home
ReadyNAS NVX™ Pioneer Edition
Data Sheet
Class-leading performance and expandability
•High-performing ReadyNAS for advanced home and enthusiast environments
•Supports multiple HD media streams to Xbox 360®, PS3™ and more!
•Quiet, stylish desktop (pedestal) housing
•Four empty drive bays for up to 8 TB storage capacity
•X-RAID2™ means easy, online capacity expansion
•Store, share and protect data seamlessly between Windows®, Mac® and Linux computers and
home media devices
Small pedestal ( ~ 8 x 5 x 9 in)
Class-leading Performance
Advanced Energy-saving
Easy Deployment and
Capable Media
Streaming Server
24 / 7
S U P P O R T*
1-888-NETGEAR (638-4327)
Email: info@NETGEAR.com
The NVX Pioneer Edition is the next generation 4-bay ReadyNAS network attached storage
model for advanced home users and media enthusiasts. Placed in the center of your digital
home, it will revolutionize your home network both today and tomorrow! Advanced features,
high storage capacity and class-leading performance let you store, share and protect files and
digital media like never before.
Powered by an Intel® advanced embedded processor and the RAIDiator™ operating system, the
ReadyNAS NVX Pioneer Edition offers the most sophisticated network storage for advanced homes
with class-leading performance. Its 75+ megabytes per second read and write throughputs allow
you easily backup multiple computers, transfer large files and stream multimedia data all at the
same time.
The compact design of the ReadyNAS NVX Pioneer Edition is just slightly larger than the 4 drives
stacked. Smart energy-saving modes like disk spin-down, a scheduled power timer, and Wakeon-LAN allow standby or power-off modes when not in use, lowering power bills, extending
system life and consuming fewer resources. And, with strategically placed fans, the ReadyNAS
NVX Pioneer runs quietly enough to live in any home, yet keeps your disks and components
safely cooled.
With an easy Web browser interface and a simple Setup Wizard, the ReadyNAS can be up and
running in just minutes**. Advanced features like SMART disk pre-failure warnings, scheduled
disk scrubbing, background file system checking and offsite backup ensure data integrity. Email
alerts keep you informed wherever you are and auto shutdown options ensure the integrity of
your data in case of emergency. X-RAID2 keeps your data protected* and allows instant capacity
expansion through online background migration to bigger disks. The ReadyNAS NVX Pioneer Edition is a capable home media server. Monster capacity and
lightning performance let you centralize all of your data into one safe place. Streaming services
let you experience digital media content locally or over the Web with your network DVD player,
DVR, Xbox 360, PS3, NETGEAR EVA Digital Entertainer and more, without the need for a PC.
4-bay High Performance Storage for Advanced Home
ReadyNAS NVXTM Pioneer Edition
Music Sharing
A built-in Apple iTunes® server shares music to devices throughout your whole house.
Other wireless music devices and software add-ons like the Logitech Squeezebox™ and
SqueezeCenter, Sonos® Digital music systems, Roku™ SoundBridge and many more
are supported.
Friendly Mac Support
The ReadyNAS NVX Pioneer Edition is Mac-friendly, supporting Apple Filing Protocol (AFP),
allowing native Macintosh® files to be used without limitations. It also supports Apple Time
Machine™, so multiple Mac users can now back up to a single centralized, secure, highperformance network storage device and recover data with ease. Apple’s Bonjour® software
technology enables auto-discovery of a device over a LAN and Macintosh status monitoring
widgets are supported.
Superior X-RAID2 Technology
ReadyNAS products are dedicated to storage and manage your disks with grace and power,
giving you peace of mind protection. X-RAID2 provides invisible, on-the-fly expansion, so you
can add capacity without interruption. It eliminates disk reformatting and data shuffling!
All ReadyNAS systems include multiple backup layers that you can customize to fit your needs.
First, protect Windows and Mac clients with our included CDP software. Then, backup to a USB
drive on demand or on a schedule. Replication is a cinch between two ReadyNAS systems, and
finally the ReadyNAS Vault option can move files and folders to an offsite secure data center for
disaster recovery. It’s all built in!
Flexible Backups
The ReadyNAS NVX Pioneer Edition has 3 USB 2.0 ports. Share your USB printers by connecting
them to the ReadyNAS and using the built-in print server. Hook up external USB hard disks and
share them on your network. Or, connect a camera and automatically dump your photos to a
safe and central location!
Multifunction USB Ports
Digital camera
PC or Mac
Digital camcorder
NETGEAR Digital Entertainer
Network Music Player
NVX Pioneer Edition
Set-top box
Slim Devices, Roku and Sonos
Digital Music Systems
Playstation 3 or Xbox 360
The ReadyNAS NVX Pioneer Edition is designed for home installations. It does not include hard disks
or support for Windows Active Directory integration, snapshot, iSCSI, NIC teaming/failover, SNMP or
secure rsync. For these and other business-class features, look at the standard ReadyNAS NVX models.
* Requires 2 or more disks to be installed.
** Once disks are installed and initialized.
4-bay High Performance Storage for Advanced Home
•Technical Specifications
––Intel advanced embedded processor ––1 GB DDR2 DIMM ––Embedded 256 MB Flash Memory for OS ––4 Serial ATA II channels ––Hot-swappable trays ––Two 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports
––LCD display ––3 USB 2.0 ports ––Supports Windows, Mac,
Linux/UNIX Clients
––Print server ––Setup Wizard and easy
browser-based interface
––Auto-expandable X-RAID2 technology
––RAID 0, 1, 5
––Hot swap support
––Hot spare support
––Background sync and Smart
Sync resume
––Life support mode
––Single volume auto expansion (X-RAID2)
––Advanced volume management
(Flex-RAID) ––Journaled file system ––User and group-level quotas ––Disk scrubbing
––Background volume check
•Network File Services
––CIFS/SMB for Windows and Mac OS X ––AFP 3.1 for Mac OS 9/X ––NFS v2/v3 for Linux and UNIX ––HTTP/S for web browsers ––FTP/S support
––Print sharing
•Media Streaming
––iTunes® Server ––Windows MCE compatible ––Sonos® music player
––SONY PlayStation®3
––Microsoft Xbox®, Xbox 360®
350 East Plumeria Drive
San Jose, CA 95134 USA
1-888-NETGEAR (638-4327)
E-mail: info@NETGEAR.com
––NETGEAR Digital Entertainer HD
EVA8000 Series
––Network DVD player compatible
•Network Security
––User mode security
––Windows ACL
––Encrypted network logins
––Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
•Network Options
––DHCP or static IP
––WINS server
––DHCP server
ReadyNAS NVXTM Pioneer Edition
•Web Browsers Supported
––Internet Explorer 7.0+ ––Opera 9.5+; Safari 2.0+ ––Mozilla Firefox® 2.0+
––Management UI: English, German,
French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean,
and Russian ––File name: Unicode •Electrical
––200W server-rated AC power supply
––Input: 100 – 240V AC, 50/60 Hz •Power Consumption
––70W typical (with 4 x 1 TB disks)
•System Management
––RAIDar™ discovery and
monitory agent
––FrontView™ Setup Wizard and
Advanced Control
––Performance options
––Device health status
––Comprehensive enclosure and
disk monitoring
––Email alerts and event logs
––Network UPS monitoring
––Software-controlled 92 mm chassis
cooling fan
––Fan failure alert
––High temperature email alert with
autoshutdown option
––Integrated FrontView™
Backup Manager ––Programmable backup button ––Remote backup over CIFS/NFS/FTP/
HTTP & Rsync
––Backup to/from USB disks
––System configuration backup
and restore
––CDP (continuous data protection)
backup software for Windows and
Macintosh clients •Physical
––LCD display
––Kensington lock slot
––Dimension: H 200 x W 132 x D
222 mm (H 7.9 x W 5.2 x D 8.7 in)
––Weight: 4.6 kg (10 lb) without disks
•USB Devices Supported
––Flash devices with camera auto-copy
––UPS with monitoring and auto-shutdown
––Support for FAT32, NTFS, Ext2, Ext3
•Power-saving Options
––Disk spin-down
––Power-on schedule
•Operating Environment
––0° - 40° C (32° – 104° F)
––20% – 80% humidity (non-condensing)
––FCC, UL, CE, C-Tick, KCC, VCCI, RoHS
•Optional Spare Parts
––Hot-swappable SATA disk tray
––92 mm chassis fan
•Available Configurations:
•NVX Pioneer Edition
––RNDX400E (diskless)
––NETGEAR 3-year Warranty
•ProSupport Service Packs Available
––OnCall 24x7, Category 2
––XPressHW, Category 2
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