6 ft 90° Down Angled Dual Link DVI-D Monitor Cable - M/M

6 ft 90° Down Angled Dual Link DVI-D Monitor Cable - M/M
The DVIDDMMBA6 6ft Dual Link DVI-D cable features a standard DVI-D dual link connector as well as a DVI-D
dual link connector that is situated on an downward angle relative to the shaft of the cable, requiring only 40mm
of space at the connection point.
The perfect solution for making digital video connections in tight spaces, the design of the downward angle
cable connector helps prevent damage to the cable and ensures long-lasting performance by eliminating the
need to bend or strain the cable to account for a lack of space.
The 6ft DVI-D digital monitor cable supports resolutions of up to 2560x1600 and transmission rates of up to 9.9
Gbits/sec, and is fully compliant with DVI DDWG standards.
Designed and constructed for maximum durability, this high quality digital video cable is backed by's Lifetime Warranty.
Connect your desktop or laptop computer to a DVI-D Dual Link display or projector, even in tight spaces
Supports a maximum resolution of 2560x1600
High-speed digital transmission rate of up to 9.9 Gbits/sec
Ferrite core eliminates EMI interference
Aluminum-Mylar Foil with Braided Shielding
Supports hot-plugging of DVI display devices
Compliant with DVI DDWG Standards
90° Downward Angled connector with a 40mm depth
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Technical Specifications
Cable Jacket Type
Industry Standards
Connector A
Connector B
Wire Gauge
Cable Length
Cable OD
Product Weight
Shipping (Package) Weight
Included in Package
PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
DVI DDWG Standard
1 - DVI-D (25 pin) Male
1 - DVI-D (25 pin) Male
28 AWG
6 ft [1.8 m]
0.3 in [8.6 mm]
7.7 oz [218 g]
0.3 lb [0.2 kg]
1 - 6ft Down Angled DVI-D Dual Link Digital Monitor Cable
Certifications, Reports and Compatibility
1 800 265 1844