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ZXP Series 8™ retransfer
card printer
Innovative, best-in-class retransfer card printer
With best-in-class, productivity-boosting, full-throttle throughput,
produce vivid color plastic cards on demand fast—thanks to Zebra’s
highly advanced ZXP Series 8 retransfer card printer and its patentpending image transfer process. Yet even at unparalleled print
speeds, the printer achieves superior, photo-like image quality that
boasts rich, consistent colors and strikingly sharp resolution.
The ZXP Series 8 includes ZMotif™ software for easy integration with
enterprise applications. A modular design gives you the flexibility to
add a variety of encoding options as needed. And the printer’s high
reliability minimizes maintenance needs and total cost of ownership.
Ideal for
• ID and access control cards
• Government-issued driver’s licenses
• National ID and voter registration cards
• People-tracking in high-security areas
• Instant issuance of ATM/credit/smart cards
• Personalized gift, membership and
loyalty cards
• Smart cards in travel, gaming and
Genuine Zebra™ supplies
Genuine Zebra supplies meet stringent quality standards and are
recommended for optimal printing quality and proper printer performance.
The ZXP Series 8 printer is designed to work only with Zebra True Colours®
i Series™ ribbons, Zebra True Colours™ i Series transfer film and Zebra True
Secure™ i Series laminates.
For more information, visit www.zebracard.com/zxpseries8
ZXP Series 8
Superior performance
• Best-in-class throughput for printing, encoding and laminating—due in part to the patentpending simultaneous 2-sided retransfer process plus efficient landscape print mode—increases
your operational efficiency without sacrificing quality.
• Based on Zebra’s image-processing technology, photo-quality image and print resolution are
obtained to meet your quality and brand specifications.
• Designed inside and out to be reliable and durable—reducing repair costs and downtime.
Easy printer integration and management
• ZMotif XML-based drivers and SDK makes the printer enterprise-ready with driver and
management utility tools for easy setup and faster deployment—saving IT time and costs.
• Microsoft® Windows® certified drivers ensure application compatibility, ease of use, and
investment protection in existing software infrastructures.
• A variety of connectivity interfaces are available for easy integration into local or networked
systems—USB, Ethernet, and 802.11b/g wireless.
Modular design with order-now or add-later options
• Magnetic stripe encoder
• Smart card contact and contactless encoders
• UHF Gen 2 RFID encoder
• Ethernet and 802.11b/g wireless connectivity
Security features
• Laminator module option for single- or dual-sided lamination
• Transfer film easily shows tamper evidence for built-in fraud protection
• Lockable enclosure and card feeder prevents unauthorized use
• Kensington® lock slot to secure printer to work environment
Genuine Zebra supplies
• Zebra True Colours® i Series™ intelligent ribbon and transfer film
automatically calibrate printer—increasing productivity, reducing downtime,
and minimizing training.
• Zebra’s True Secure™ i Series™ laminates
create highly secure ID cards, and the patented linerless
laminate is waste-free and lowers the cost per card.
• Choose Zebra for quality plastic cards in a variety of types
and materials.
• For high-quality cards, rely on Zebra ribbons,
transfer film and laminate consumables.
Innovative Hardware
Matched with
Innovative Software
The Zebra ZXP Series 8 printer is based
on new leading-edge software technology
that enables high-performance printing and
meets demanding enterprise needs for
application integration and management.
ZMotif, Zebra’s new XML standards-based
printer and job control software language,
delivers the benefits of card printing
transparently via Windows® certified
drivers, along with an advanced Software
Development Kit (SDK) and development
tools for application integration and printer
The new ZMotif toolbox application
provides a complete management console
for advanced printer and driver configuration
and management. Features such as user
role-based driver password protection,
configuration save and restore capability,
print logging, and a library suite of test
cards, ensure that setup and management
of ZXP Series 8 printers are a snap—
whether by a single user or via advanced
multiple printer configurations management.
About retransfer printing technology
Unlike traditional dye sublimation
card printers, which use a printhead
that prints through a ribbon directly
onto the card, retransfer printers
print onto a flexible, transparent
film that is then thermally bonded
to the card. In general, benefits of
retransfer printing include:
• Higher image quality and print resolution
• The ability to print on uneven card surfaces
such as smart cards
• True edge-to-edge printing (via over-theedge printing). Traditional card printers must
leave a white border because printing out to
the edge would damage the printhead.
• The ability to print on non-PVC cards. Dye
sublimation requires a porous surface
available only through PVC cards.
• More durable and abrasion-resistant cards
• Fraud protection, since the film is inherently
Advantages of Zebra’s innovative retransfer card printer
Zebra’s ZXP Series 8 printer achieves the fastest print
speed while maintaining top image quality, making
it the best-in-class retransfer printer available on the
• Zebra achieves print speeds that far exceed any
retransfer printer, and that are comparable to many
of the fastest direct-to-card printers on the market
• Zebra’s image-processing technology compensates
for image errors normally caused by high printing
speeds—enabling photo-quality images and print
resolution even at increased print speeds.
• Zebra’s patent-pending simultaneous dual-sided
image transfer process applies film to both sides
of the card in a single pass, drastically reducing the
print time.
The result is photo-like image quality and best-inclass throughput for mainstream printing, encoding
and laminating—so you enjoy increased operational
Specifications at a glance*
ZMotif software
Card specifications
• Dye sublimation retransfer
• Full color or monochrome retransfer printing
• Single- and dual-sided printing
• Max print speed single-side 190 cph*
• Max print speed dual-sided 170 cph*
• Photo quality image
• Over-the-edge printing on standard CR80 media
Microsoft Windows Certified Printer Drivers
Supported: Windows XP*, Windows Vista®*,
Windows Server® 2003*
*32 bit and 64 bit compatible
• Card thickness: 30 – 40 mil
• Card size: ISO 7810 format, Type ID-1, CR-80 size
• Card material: PVC and composite, ABS cards, PET,
PET-G, Teslin® composite, and polycarbonate
(30 mil to 40 mil)
• Specialty cards: transparent (IR-blocked) or
translucent card 30 mil (clear and colored)
• Technology cards: contact and contactless smart
cards, UHF cards
* Print speed based on click to drop, average print
coverage, with USB connectivity, card per hour (cph).
Standard features
• USB and Ethernet-ready (firmware pending**)
• Single-card feed capability
• 150 card capacity feeder (30 mil)
• 15 card reject hopper (30 mil)
• 100 card output hopper (30 mil)
• i Series™ intelligent media technology
• Auto-calibration of media
• 21-character, 6 line LCD operator display
• 304 dpi (12.0 dots/mm) print resolution
• 64 MB memory standard
• Lifetime warranty on printhead
• 2-year limited warranty on printer
• Microsoft® Windows® certified drivers
Optional features
• Laminator—single-sided and dual-sided**
• Lockable enclosure/card feeder
• Extended product warranty programs
• 1 GB Ethernet and 802.11b/g wireless connectivity**
Encoding options & specifications
• Smart card contact station—ISO 7816
• Magnetic stripe encoder—ISO 7811 and JIS-II (high
and low coercivity)
• Combined MIFARE® ISO 14443 (13.56 MHz) and
ISO 7816 contact encoder
• Combined ISO 15693 HID® iClass® (13.56MHz) and
ISO 7816 contact encoder**
• Combined HID Prox reader (125 kHz) and contact
• UHF Gen 2 RFID encoder**
Driver features:
• Graphical card orientation setting to visualize card
printing setup and configuration
• Card source selection
• Card type selection
• Complete graphical control over area and element
selection of black extraction parameters
• Auto sensing of ribbon type, laminator and smart
card encoding options
Toolbox utility features:
• Printer configuration tools and utilities for complete
control over all printer functions and features
• Optional password protection settings and user
role-based security settings prevent accidental or
unauthorized driver or printer configuration changes
• Complete technology card management enables
setup and testing of all printer and encoder features
and functionality
• Printer test cards and diagnostics utilities ensure
error-free printing and fast troubleshooting
XML-based SDK:
• XML-based SDK enables third parties to quickly
add advanced print and encoding features to the
ZXP printer
• Capabilities include direct access to PC/SC Smart
Card encoder driver and XML-based job control
print job specifications
• i Series intelligent technology uses RFID tags to
authenticate and automate color ribbons, transfer
film and laminate
• Media Starter Kit—1 YMCK ribbon, 1 roll of transfer
film, 200 PVC cards, cleaning rolls (2 per ribbon)
• Cleaning supplies
True Colours ribbon
• YMCK 4 panel color with resin black: 625 images/roll
• YMCKK 5 panel color: 500 images/roll
• YMC 3 panel color: 825 images/roll**
• YMCuVK 5 panel color: 500 images/roll**
• Monochrome (black, gold, silver): 2500 images/roll**
True Colours transfer film
• Clear and holographic**: 1250 images/roll
Communications interfaces
• USB V2.0
• 10/100 Ethernet-ready
• Single-phase AC power
• 100V~240V AC and 50-60 HZ
• Height (printer only): 11.9"/303 mm
• Height (w/card feeder): 13.2"/334 mm
• Width: 14"/356 mm
• Width (w/card feeder): 14.9"/379 mm
• Width (w/card feeder, w/laminator): 25.8"/656 mm
• Depth: 20.4"/519 mm
• Weight (printer only): 27.5 lbs/12.5 kg
• Operating Temperature: 59º F/15º C to 77º F/25º C
• Storage Temperature: 23º F/-5º C to 131º F/55º C
• Operating Humidity: 20% to 80% inclusive,
• Storage Humidity: 10% to 90% inclusive,
• Shipping Temperature: -40º F/-40º C to 140º F/60º C
• Shipping Humidity: 10% to 90% inclusive,
• Media should not be above 140º F/60º C for longer
than 200 hours, and above 90% relative humidity at
104º F/40º C for longer than 100 hours
NOTE: For optimum print quality and printer
performance, use of Zebra genuine supplies is
True Secure laminate
• Linerless & waste-free 1.0 mil laminate:
625 images/roll
• Laminate types: clear full coverage, clear for
magnetic stripe cards, clear for contact smart cards
• Custom laminates available with holographic images
and UV images
**Available in future release
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*Specifications subject to change without notice.
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