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4082_3_in_1_Grooming_Set_IM copy
Instruction Manual for
3-in-1 Grooming Set
Read through this entire instruction manual BEFORE using your
3-in-1 Grooming Set.
Charging Your Shaver:
1. Insert the adapter end of the charger into the shaver. Plug the charger
into an electrical outlet. The Charging Indicator light will brighten,
indicating that the unit is charging.
2. Normal charging time is 2 hours. The charging indicator light will not turn off once charging is
complete. Please monitor the time it takes the unit to charge. Charging for less than 2
hours might cause damage to battery and shorten battery life.
3. Charging power: AC110V-120V, 60Hz.
4. Be sure battery is completely drained before recharging. Charging before the battery is dead
can shorten battery life.
5. Charging time should not exceed 5 hours as this may affect the life of the battery or damage
the line.
6. The shaver can be used for approximately 7 days after a complete charge.
Using Your Shaver:
1. Remove the cover. Push down the red button and slide the switch up into the ON position.
Softly touch the shaver foils to your skin and move slowly in the opposite direction of hair
growth. Stretching your skin tightly might help obtain better effect. Once you are finished
shaving, slide the switch down to the OFF position and cover the blade with the cover.
2. Because this is a washable electric shaver, you may shave using shaving cream for better
3. Be sure to clean after use to prolong blade life.
Using Your Trimmer:
1. Locate the trimmer on the back of the shaver unit. Slide the trimmer piece up all the way.
Turn the unit on by pushing in the red button and sliding the switch to the ON position.
2. Softly touch the trimmer to your skin, holding the unit so the trimmer blades are at a right
angle to your skin.
3. After using, turn the unit OFF, slide the trimmer down, and replace the cover.
Maintaining Your Shaver:
1. Be sure the unit is disconnected from any external power source.
2. Push the 2 buttons on either side of the foil cover to release the cover. Remove the outer
cover. Using the included cleaning brush, remove all hair and dirt from inside the foil cover,
the blades, and the blade area.
3. Blades, blade cover, and unit can be washed under water.
4. After cleaning, assemble the unit and place the cover back on the unit.
1. Do not press against the metal foil.
2. Do not pry open metal foil with screwdriver or other objects.
3. Do not charge unit near heat source such as direct sunlight or inside car during warm
4. Do not charge unit near moisture.
Installing Batteries on the Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer:
1. Turn the battery cover counter clockwise and match the line "a" with "b" and pull to remove.
2. Insert one AA battery according to indicated polarity.
3. Replace battery cover by reversing step 1.
4. Discard spent batteries in a safe, environmentally appropriate manner, according to
manufacturer's instructions.
5. Do not dispose of shaver with batteries inside.
Using Your Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer:
1. Turn on the switch.
2. Carefully insert the tip of the outer blade into your nostril or ear. DO NOT force trimmer tip
into nostril or ear canal beyond the narrow tip on the outer blade.
3. Slowly move trimmer tip in a circular motion to trim nose and ear hair.
4. Do not use unit if the outer blade frame or blade are deformed or damaged, as injury to your
nostril or ear may result.
5. Use only for nose and ear hair. Do not use for any other purpose.
6. Do not use water to wash nose and ear hair trimmer.
7. Used once a week, blade life is approximately 3 years.
Maintaining Your Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer:
1. Turn off switch before removing, replacing or cleaning the blades.
2. Remove the outer blade frame by turning it and matching the line "c" with "d" and pulling
3. Detach the inner blade from the outer blade.
4. Wipe the blades with a tissue to remove any cut hairs, dust or other debris.
5. Put the inner blade back into the outer blade.
6. Replace outer blade frame by matching the "c" with the "d" and turning clockwise until it
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