Using Swivl with Swivl Cloud

Using Swivl with Swivl Cloud
10/3/14 Using Swivl with Swivl Cloud
1st Time Prep
! Install the free Swivl Capture app on your tablet or phone. ! Create a Swivl Cloud account. ! In the Swivl Capture app, go to Setting and turn off Automatic Tilt. It is recommended that the presenter manually control the tilt by holding down the Action button in the middle of the Marker. ! Insert the appropriately sized Shim into the Base to hold your mobile device. Prep for Each Use
Charge the Swivl base and Marker. LED light on the
back panel of the Base indicates charging status. Flashing
red means the Marker is charging. Flashing green means
the Base is charging. Fully charged, solid green, the battery life is 4 hours. ! Charge the mobile device you are using. !
Janetta Garton Ÿ Willard Public Schools 1 10/3/14 2 Ideal Positioning of Swivl Base
Line of sight is required between Marker and Base for the infrared signal. Place the Base 6-­‐15 feet from presenter. If the presenter is closer than 5 feet the Base probably won’t responds to movement. The presenter should not be more than 30 feet away from the Base. If you turn your back, the base won’t move until you turn back around. •
Placement #1: Use to capture presenter and board/projection in background. Placement #2: Use if you want to capture interaction with students. •
Set up the tripod (if using) and connect the Swivl Base. Place the mobile device in the base and connect the audio cable. Press and hold the Power button on the Base until the unit powers up. Press and hold the Power button on the Marker until you see a green light beside the power buttons on both the base and marker, indicating that the 2 components are connected. 4. Press and hold the sync button on the Base until the light is red and blinking. 5. Turn on Bluetooth on the tablet (iOS: Setting>Bluetooth) or phone. 6. Tap SWIVL in the list of devices to connect. 7. Click “Allow” when the Swivl Capture app asks permission to communicate with the base. Janetta Garton Ÿ Willard Public Schools 10/3/14 8. Go to Settings in the Swivl Capture App and make sure the Audio route is listed as Swivl Microphone, and NOT iPad Microphone. 9. Snap the Marker into the Lanyard mic end up to wear it, or if preferred just hold it. Record
1. Tap “Capture Video“ in the Swivl Capture app on the mobile device. 2. Press the record button on the side of the Marker. 3. You should see a flashing red/white record button on the iPad when recording, and a solid light above record button on Marker. 4. You should see a green level flashing in mic display on iPad to indicate the mic in Marker is picking up sound. If the volume is too low in the recording you can tap the mic to adjust the input level. 5. To stop recording press the record button on the Marker. 6. Power down the Base by pressing and holding the power button until the power light goes off. 7. Power down the remote using the same technique. Janetta Garton Ÿ Willard Public Schools 3 10/3/14 4 Share the Video
1. Tap the hamburger button in the top left corner of the mobile device to display the Upload and Sync screen. 2. Tap the Cloud next the video and choose Swivl Cloud. 3. Check the email account you used when creating your Swivl account for the confirmation email that your video has been uploaded. 4. Click the link in the email to access the Swivl cloud in your browser. Janetta Garton Ÿ Willard Public Schools 10/3/14 5 5. Log in to your Swivl account if needed. 6. Tap the Quick Share button. 7. Edit the name and add a description. 8. Click the Save button. 9. Use the Share by menu to select Email, Group, or Public Link. a. If you choose Email a box will be displayed into which you can enter email addresses. b. If you choose Group, a menu will be displayed to choose which group from the list of groups to which you belong. c. If you choose Public link and button will appear “Get Link” Janetta Garton Ÿ Willard Public Schools 10/3/14 Including Slides in Your Video
If you want to include slides in your video, prior to recording you need to upload your slides as image files. 1. First, save each of your slides as image files. • PowerPoint: File>Save as>Pictures • Google Docs: File>Download as>PNG 2. Navigate to in your browser and log into your account. 3. Go to your library and click Slides, then Upload Slides 4. Navigate to your slide images and upload them. 5. When you start the Swivl app on the mobile device, choose the Capture Video + Slides option. You mobile device will need Internet access in order to display the image slides you’ve uploaded to your Swivl Cloud account. 6. You can use the arrow buttons on the Marker to navigate to the next slide while presenting. When your recording is finished and uploaded to the Swivl cloud, you have a side-­‐by-­‐side display with your slides on the left and the video on the right. Janetta Garton Ÿ Willard Public Schools 6 
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