• 130 ppm / 260 ipm at 300 dpi in colour and mono (A4 Landscape)
• New compact design
• Added features for even better automation powering efficiency
– Patch Code and Barcode supported job separation
– “Automatic Stacker” and “Automatic Image Quality Checker”
– Excellent paper-feeding mechanism
Document Scanners
500 Sheets
600 dpi
130 ppm
260 ipm
The fi-6800 from Fujitsu. A unique and impressively fast A3 image scanner offering
the best cost to performance ratio in the mid volume production class
The fi-6800 has been developed to provide a revolutionary solution for automation improvement, increased productivity, cost
reduction and contribution to the environment whilst at the same time minimising time for the operator in both pre and post
processing. Aimed at the mid volume document scanning markets, the fi-6800 offers high quality scanning performance and a
compact ergonomic design.
Scanning speed and quality
The fi-6800 scanner can process documents speedily and
reliably. In fact 130 pages per minute in mono, grayscale and
colour and 260 images per minute in duplex (in A4 landscape
mode) can be scanned at resolutions of up to 300 dpi. In A4
portrait mode the fi-6800 will comfortably scan in mono,
grayscale and colour at 100 pages per minute and 200 images
per minute at resolutions of up to 300 dpi. Optical resolutions
of up to 600 dpi are achievable.
Compact and environmentally friendly
The hopper will fold away when not in use thereby helping to
minimise the space taken up but also minimising the cleaning
requirements of the scanner when compared with open
devices. The fi-6800 reaches new heights when it comes to its
compact nature. The footprint measures just 460 mm width
by 430 mm depth enabling the device to sit comfortably on
any desktop or office environment. Even its height compares
favourably with other devices coming in at just 310 mm.
A typical daily throughput of 20,000 documents can be
easily achieved and this duty cycle satisfies production level
scanning requirements. If required, the fi-6800 is ready to
process even up to 60,000 documents per day. The fi-6800
features custom made colour CCD image sensors and newly
developed ultra bright white LED arrays as light source. This
results in near-to-instant availability of the device after power-on.
The fi-6800’s new compact design makes it the smallest in
its class taking up 53% less space and being 72% lighter than
its predecessor.
The fi-6800 comes with a hopper that will take a maximum
500 A4 sheets at a weight of 80 g/m2, ranging from 20 g/m2
up to 209 g/m2 (A4 – A5 format). The ADF hopper can handle
mixed documents from as small as A8 (52 x 74 mm or 2 x 3 in)
up to A3 (297 x 420 mm or 12 x 17 in) in size.
Superior feeding and enhanced user experience
The fi-6800 supports new automatic functionalities that make
scanner operating tasks even easier, faster and a lot more
energy efficient.
• Group scan various documents with ease with Patch Code
and Barcode recognition and ‘Automatic Sorting’
The fi-6800 along with ScandAll Pro supports automatic job
separation to help improve digitising efficiency. The bundled
barcode and patch code reading functionality provides the
ability to separate different jobs – or files – within the same
batch. File and folder names can be created automatically.
When using barcodes the herin encapsulated information
can be used for file naming. This is additionally supported by
Scand Pro triggering zonal OCR processes.
• Reduce
Redu the hassle of post-scan tasks with ‘Automatic Stacker’
and ‘Automatic Image Quality Checker’
‘Automatic Stacker’ ensures all your scanned documents are
stacke neatly and tidily while ‘Automatic Image Quality
Check detects any image irregularities (folds or tears in
the scanned
document) after scanning.
• An eexcellent paper-feed mechanism that guards against
damage and misaligned document feeds
The fi-6800 from Fujitsu featuress an incredibly reliable paperpaper
feed mechanism which is derived from Fujitsu’s top of the line
fi-5900C model. Utilising fi-series renowned ‘Paper Protection’
function and ‘Multifeed Protection’ function paper feed
problems are tackled before they happen thereby bringing
optimised workflow to your business.
o consumable kits available for the fi-6800;
There are two
a single pack contains a pick roller, separator roller and a
brake roller covering a maximum lifetime of 600,000 scans
or one year. The twin pack contains two pick rollers, separator
rollers and brake rollers covering a maximum lifetime of
1.200.000 scans or one year.
With this exceptional feeding mechanism that allows for
mixed batch processing the need for timely uniform batch
processing is eliminated as well as scanning delays and
rescanning repercussions that come about as a result of
paper jams and unknown double feeds.
A cleaning kit for the fi-6800 will help optimise scanning
and prolong the lifespan of your machine; the kit includes
an F1 Pump Spray Cleaner, an F2 Pump Spray Cleaner and
75 Lint Free Cloths.
Image enhancement
The fi-6800 offers the user hardware based deskew and auto
cropping functionality. Deskew ensures that if documents are
not placed in a straight edge format, they are straightened up
as they are scanned. Auto cropping means that if mixed size
documents are scanned, only the exact document area will
appear on screen.
VRS Professional included
The fi-6800 comes with the full version of VRS Professional
hardware that can be used for adding advanced image
enhancement operations to the scanning process. These can
be combined to receive digital document images that show
high visual quality and require little or no additional manual
interference. Some other features include intelligent content
orientation recognition and auto-rotation.
Post imprinters are available for the fi-6800 which enables
users to print information on the original document for
compliance and document management purposes. A post
imprinter fi-680PRF can be utilised to print characters on
the front page of scanned documents and an imprinter
fi-680PRB can be utilised to scan characters on the backside
of scanned documents. Both post imprinters can be mounted
simultaneously and be used consecutively in different
profiles. It is possible to combine the physical imprint with a
corresponding virtual imprint on the image, thereby providing
an easy means of cross reference.
Software, interfaces and compatibility
With VRS professional supported by CGA hardware the fi-6800
also comes bundled with a host of software including Adobe
Acrobat 9.0 Standard, ScandAll Pro, QuickScan Pro Demo and
Scan to Microsoft SharePoint.
The fi-6800 can be operated through USB or SCSI interfaces,
allowing for direct TWAIN and ISIS driver control. Additionally
the operator can make use of VRS Professional image
enhancement routines powered by a dedicated CGA board.
fi-6800 Specifications
Product name
Supported operating systems
Scanner type
Scanning modes
Image sensor type
Light source
Document size
Paper weight (Thickness)
Scan Speed*1
(A4 Landscape)
Scan Speed*1
(A4 Landscape)
Actual scanning speeds are affected
by data transmission and software
processing times.
JPEG compressed figures.
Maximum capacity varies, depending
upon paper weight.
Maximum output resolutions may
vary, depending upon the size of the
area being scanned and whether
the scanner is scanning in simplex
or duplex.
You cannot use both SCSI and USB 2.0
interfaces at the same time.
You cannot connect multiple computers
to the scanner using each type of
interface cables at the same time.
Excluding the ADF hopper.
PFU Limited, a Fujitsu company, has
determined that this product meets
RoHS requirements (2005/95/EC).
Capable of scanning documents that
exceed A3 size in length. For long page
scanning with standard I/F: Documents
that exceed 432 mm (17in.) are limited
to 400 dpi for lengths up to 863 mm
(34in.). Documents between 863 mm
and 3,048 mm (120in.) in length
are limited to 300 dpi. Multi-image
documents up 432 mm in length
are limited to 400dpi. For long page
scanning with VRS: Documents that
exceed 432 mm (17in.) are limited to
300 dpi for lengths up to 1,778 mm
(70in.). Documents between 1,778 mm
and 3,048 mm (120in.) in length are
limited to 200 dpi. Documents that
exceed 432 mm can be scanned
under any resolution for lengths up
to 1,016 mm (70in.) when used
with ISIS.
Without CGA board interface
Simplex: 130 ppm (200, 300 dpi), Duplex: 260 ipm (200, 300 dpi)
(Duplex: 260 ipm (200 dpi), 250 ipm (300 dpi) *With CGA board)
Simplex: 100 ppm (200, 300 dpi), Duplex: 200 ipm (200, 300 dpi)
(Duplex: 200 ipm (200, 300 dpi) With CGA board)
Paper chute capacity*3
Daily volume range
Background colours
Optical resolution
Output resolution*4
500 sheets (A4: 80 g/m2 or 21 lb) (Active loadable ADF)
20,000 to 60,000 sheets/day
White / Black (Selectable)
600 dpi
Colour (24 bit)
Greyscale (8 bit)
Monochrome (1 bit)
Output format
AD converter
Interface*5 *6
50 to 600 dpi (adjustable by 1 dpi increments)
(100 / 150 / 200 / 240 / 300 / 400 dpi) *With CGA board
Colour: 24 bit, 8 bit (8 bit and 4 bit with driver) / Grayscale: 8 bit (4 bit with driver) / Mono:1bit
1024 levels (10 bit)
Ultra SCSI, USB2.0, With CGA board: Ultra Wide SCSI, USB2.0
Ultra SCSI: Shield type 50 pin (pin type), USB: B type
With CGA board: Ultra Wide SCSI: Shield type 68 pin (pin type), USB: B type
Dither / Error diffusion
AC 100 to 240V +10%/-10%
Operating: 200W or less (Sleep mode: less than 4W *10)
Temperature: 15 to 35°C / Relative humidity: 20 to 80% (Non-condensing)
460 x 430 x 310mm / Installation space: 860 x 1630 x 350 mm
32 kg
TWAIN, ISIS™, ScandAll PRO, Adobe® Acrobat®, QuickScan™ Pro Demo, Image processing software (Trial),
Kofax® VRS Professional, Scan to Microsoft SharePoint
3 ultrasonic multi-feed detection sensors
3048 mm (120in.)
AC cable, USB cable, Setup DVD-ROM, Adobe® Acrobat®, QuickScan™ Pro brochure
Connector shape
SCSI Terminator
Image processing (half-tone)
Voltage or voltage range
Power consumption
Operating environment
Dimensions: Width x Depth x Height*7
Included software / drivers
Environmental compatibility*8
Others Multi-feed detection
Long paper scanning*9
Included items
Part number
Post Imprinter (Frontside) (FI-680PRF)
Post Imprinter (Backside) (FI-680PRB
Part number
Consumable Kit Single Pack
Consumable Kit Twin Pack
Print Cartridge
The imprinter option enables users to print information on original documents for document management purposes. While the FI-680PRF
(post imprinter) prints information on the front of documents, the FI-680PRB (post imprinter) prints information on the reverse-side of
documents after they have been scanned. Although both the FI-680PRF and the FI-680PRB may be attached to the same scanner unit, both
imprinters cannot be used simultaneously.
includes PICK ROLLER set PA03575-K011(2 pcs/set), SEPARATOR ROLLER PA03575-K012,
BRAKE ROLLER PA03575-K013 for total max. lifetime of 600.000 sheets or 1 year
includes 2 x PICK ROLLER set PA03575-K011(2 pcs/set), 2 x SEPARATOR ROLLER PA03575-K012,
2 x BRAKE ROLLER PA03575-K013 for total max. lifetime of 1.200.000 sheets or 1 year
Lifetime: 4,000,000 characters, FI-680PRF and FI-680PRB print head
All names, manufacturer names, brand and product designations are subject to special trademark rights and are manufacturer’s trademarks and/or registered brands of their respective owners.
All indications are non-binding. Technical data is subject to change without prior notification.
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ADF (Automatic Document Feeder)+Manual Feed
Simplex / Duplex, Colour / Grayscale / Monochrome
Colour CCD (Charge-coupled device) x 2 (front x 1, back x 1)
White LED array
A8 Portrait (52 x 74 mm or 2 x 3in.)
A3 (297 x 420 mm or 12 x 17in.)
Less than A5 size : 0.050 to 0.25mm (41 to 209 g/m2, or 11 to 56 lb)
A4 to A5 size : 0.025 to 0.25mm (20 to 209 g/m2, or 5.4 to 56 lb)
Over A4 : 0.050 to 0.25mm (41 to 209 g/m2, or 11 to 56 lb)
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