D are To Com pare - All Touch Panels Are N ot The Sam e

D are To Com pare - All Touch Panels Are N ot The Sam e
Dare To Compare - All Touch Panels Are Not The Same
Promethean ActivPanel Touch
The Promethean ActivPanel Touch range offers 65” and 70” interactive flat panel displays that are robust, resilient and
optimized for the classroom. Smooth multi-touch interactivity and Promethean’s award-winning ActivInspire software
ensure that students are active participants. ActivPanel Touch’s high-definition, low-glare, low-reflectivity display offers
Interactive Flat-Panel Displays
Why Promethean ActivPanel Touch?
Promote active participation and foster student
engagement with Prometheans’ interactive flat-panel
displays that are optimised for the classroom.
Excellent visibility in any room, at virtually any angle
With crystal-clear visibility, exceptionally smooth,
responsive touch interactivity and a durable design,
ActivPanel Touch will be at the centre of simple, natural,
engaging learning experiences for years to come.
• Light up the room and students’ imaginations with a
touch panel that offers a crystal-clear, high-definition
display in virtually any classroom, from almost any
• Interact smoothly, easily and naturally with wholeclass or small-group lesson content.
• Create dynamic lessons with award-winning
ActivInspire software, use any program that runs
on your PC, or plug into content from a wide variety
of source devices for a rich and varied learning
Keeping all learners engaged is the hallmark of
ActivPanel Touch. Crystal-clear visibility in virtually any
lighting conditions and a wide viewing angle make
every seat in the house a great one. Whether you’re in
a classroom flooded with warm sunshine or one with
artificial lighting, every student will be well placed to
actively learn.
Precise interaction for any task
Exceptionally smooth and responsive interactivity is the
norm whether you are writing, pinching, zooming or
swiping the edge of the ActivPanel Touch screen. Using
a stylus or finger, ActivPanel Touch offers a natural,
precise handwriting experience. Our multi-touch
functionality brings Windows 7 and Windows 8’s tools to
life at the swipe of your students’ fingertips.
Reduce the technology learning curve
ActivPanel Touch is simple and intuitive for both pupils
and teachers. Using technology to accomplish your long
list of learning objectives has never been easier.
Enjoy a long life of worry-free use
Promethean's interactive flat panel is designed to meet
the unique needs and demands of any classroom.
Its long-lasting LED interactive touch screen, durable
steel construction and comprehensive on site warranty
ensure a long life of reliable service.
Make the most of your existing technology tools
While ActivPanel Touch works seamlessly with all
Promethean solutions, it's also flexible enough to
complement most educational technologies.
Dare To Compare
All Touch Panels Are
Not The Same
Interactive Flat Panel Displays 65” and 70”
a wide viewing angle, making any seat in virtually any classroom a great one. With the flexible ActivPanel Touch,
it is easy to connect computers and other devices, including open pluggable specification (OPS) computers and
mountable miniature computer units such as the Intel® NUC.
Quality Of Display - TV 8/7/3 Years vs. Display Grade (DID) 24/7/5 Years
ACTIVPANEL TOUCH - Display Grade Quality
The LED array backlit LCD panel provides consistent colour, contrast and brightness across the panel surface
which means that students are presented with a clear, vivid picture that engages their attention.
Interactive Technology - Corner Camera (2 or 4) vs. IR Bezel
The narrow profile infrared bezel means that the point at which a touch is detected is close to the surface
which means that users will experience highly accurate responses to touch and pen use for precision work.
Connectivity - Rear Access vs. Easy Access
The ActivPanel Touch is easily connected to a PC via a USB-A to USB-B cable and either an HDMI or VGA cable.
Glass Surface - Standard Glass (Window) vs. Acid Etched, Tempered Safety Glass, Anti-Reflective, Anti-Glare
ACTIVPANEL TOUCH - Acid Etched, Tempered Safety Glass, Anti-Reflective, Anti-Glare
The ActivGlare acid-etched glass surface is extremely smooth to the touch which means that users will not
experience "finger burn" with continued use plus glare and reflection are minimalised.
Viewing Angle - 130 – 160 Degrees vs. 178 Degrees
Viewing angle is the maximum angle at which a display can be viewed with acceptable visual performance.
Students sitting to the extreme left or right must have the same view as those sitting in front.
Software / Firmware
• Plug and Play – No drivers required
• Low latency – The low latency of the ActivPanel ensures near-perfect tracking for dynamic touch events
which means that cursive writing in particular is a natural experience for teachers and other users -best
quality on the market
• Supports Windows 8 Gesture – one of only a few on the market with this functionality (others do this with
larger bezel)
• 6 Points of Touch
Full-HD 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Optimum Resolution
1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz
Contrast Ratio
Pixel Fault Resilience Class
ISO 13406-2 Class II
Viewing Angle
4mm acid-etched tempered glass
Number of Touches
Response Time
Digitizing Technology
Connection to Computer
USB 2.0 x 1
Video and Audio Input
HDMI x 1, VGA (D-Sub 15 RGB) x 1, Component In (Video Y,Pb, Pr & Stereo Audio) x
1, AVIn (Composite Video & Stereo Audio) x 1, PC Audio (3.5mm) x 1, USB 2.0 (for
media playback) x 2
Video and Audio Output
AV-Out (Composite Video & Stereo Audio) x 1
Stereo Speakers
Integral, 2 x 10W
Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) Slot 1
VESA Mount Point (NUC/Mini)
4 x M4 (VESA 100 and VESA 75, bracket not included)
VESA Mount Point (Wall/Stand)
4 x M8 (VESA 400 x 600, bracket included)
Operating Temperature
+5°C to +40°C (41°F to +104°F) at 10% to 85% humidity
Storage Temperature
-20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +113°F) at 5% to 95% humidity
Power Consumption
340W max
ActivPanel Touch 65”
ActivPanel Touch 70”
ActivPanel Nominal Size
Panel Usage Type
Brightness (typical)
360 cd/ m2 (360 Nits)
400 cd/m2 (400 Nits)
Overall Dimensions
1536mm x 931mm x 79mm
(60.5in x 36.7in x 3.1in)
1637mm x 981mm x 93mm
(64.4in x 38.6in x 3.7in)
Net Weight
71.5kg (158lb)
81kg (179lb)
Packed Dimensions
1750mm x 1125mm x 245mm
(68.9in x 44.3in x 9.6in)
1880mm x 1172mm x 321mm
(74in x 46.1in x 12.6in)
Packed Weight
83.5kg (184lb)
95kg (209lb)
No Maintenance
No Calibration or Alignment
No Lamp Replacement
Plug & Play
3 Years Onsite Warranty
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