Make it Your Own with
optional interchangeable grilles,
a Boston exclusive.
Boston Boston Horizon Solo
Make it your own™
Make it your own™
Shown in Black and White High Gloss
Solo II
High Performance AM/FM Radio
Horizon Solo II…it’s the first high performance compact AM/FM radio offering you placement flexibility thanks to an innovative rotating control
dial that allows you to place the radio vertically or horizontally! Place Solo sideways on a shelf or desk. Stand it up on a kitchen counter or
bedside table. Wherever and however you use it, the sound is large, deep and satisfying. Solo also features Boston’s innovative
S-n-o-o-o-o-o-z-e bar, a touch-sensitive outer rim that you can’t miss, even when you’re half asleep.
Horizon Solo II
play everywhere. play smart.
with Solo II in High Gloss
Boston Horizon Solo
Shown in Whit high gloss
High contrast LCD display
automatically adjusts to ambient light
360 º S-n-o-o-o-o-o-z-e.
The entire outside aluminum trim is
a touch-sensitive snooze bar
Dual independent alarms
Rotating clock face means you can go
vertical or horizontal—your choice
Room-filling sound that fits anywhere.
Solo has been designed to look great — and engineered to sound even better. A precision tuner locks in even distant radio stations.
And an advanced full-range driver with Boston’s patented BassTrac® audio processing provides rich, clean bass at all listening levels. Your ears will hear
all the bass and none of the distortion.
What it means to be from Boston.
First and foremost, Boston is an engineering company, and every Boston system is optimized to meet the highest performance standards (our own).
Of course, performance is only one measure of value. So we’re careful to build all our products with strict attention to everything from the choice of materials
to the fit and finish. It’s how we’ve been exceeding the expectations of serious music listeners for nearly thirty years.
• Precision AM/FM tuner for noise-free reception
• High performance 31/2” full-range speaker
Add a splash of color to your radio with optional
interchangeable grilles at
• BassTrac® audio processing for rich, clean bass at all listening levels
• Auxiliary input for portable media devices
• Stereo headphone jack — on the front for your convenience
• High contrast LCD display automatically adjusts to ambient light
• 20 AM/FM station presets
• Dual independent alarm clock with sleep timer
• 360º snooze bar (touch-sensitive outer trim)
• Time and settings are saved (no battery required)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
51/4 x 81/4 x 61/4” (134 x 210 x 159mm)
Introducing Boston P.O.P.
play in color. play smart.
Beemdstraat 11, 5653 MA, Eindhoven
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