Installing Java

Installing Java
Installing Java
Step 1: Download the “jdk-1_5_0_12__.....” file and execute the file. Follow the onscreen instructions. Please install using all the default options.
Installing Eclipse
Step 1: Download Eclipse and unzip the downloaded file.
Step 2: Go to the Eclipse directory and execute the “Eclipse” Application
Step 3: Select a folder of you choice as your workspace (or you can use the default value)
Step4: Click on the “Use this as the default and do not ask again”
Step 5: You can explore the welcome screen. After you have finished, click on the “X”
on the tab to close this screen.
Step 6: You will now see the Eclipse interface. Close this and continue to install the Code
Invaders game.
Installing Code Invaders
Step 1: Download the game codes from the VXG website (
Step2: Unzip the file.
Step 3: Go into the unzipped files. You should see three directories. The “doc” folder
contains useful information that you need to read.
Step 4: Copy the contents of the “plugins” folder into the “plugins” folder of the eclipse
Step 5: Go to the “plugins” folder of the eclipse application. You should see two files
starting with “….”
Setting up Eclipse to code the game
Start Eclipse.
Go to File > New > Project...
Go to Other > Game Project.
Select one of the available games (in this case, “Code Invaders”) and enter a
project name. Click Finish.
Getting Started
You are now ready to start writing code! If you are unfamiliar with the environment, take
the following steps to write and test your code:
1. Expand the CodeInvadors project, and expand the src > (default package).
2. Right click on and select Open.
3. You can now start modifying the MySpaceShip class.
4. When you are ready to test your code, double-click on games.xml within the
5. When the Game Editor appears, enter a name and organization for your team.
6. Select File > Save or Click Ctrl-S.
7. Click Add My Team >.
8. Select another team from the list on the left. Click Add >. Repeat for as many
teams as desired.
9. Click Run to watch the match.
10. Once the match is over, you can click on the exit button at the top right of the
CodeInvaders screen.
Additional information is provided in the “manual.html” in the “doc”folder of the
downloaded game files.
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