Astonishing images on
everything you watch.
Make everything you watch feel like HD with REGZA’s XV645U series featuring Toshiba’s advanced
Resolution+™ technology.
1080p FULL HD - Is the highest HD resolution for the ultimate in picture performance. Enjoy the best of both worlds, the spatial
resolution of 1080 HDTV material and the smooth stable image of a progressive scan format.
ClearFrame™ 120Hz - Doubles the standard frame rate to 120 frames per second or 120Hz by utilizing superior Motion Vector
Frame Interpolation (MVFI) technology. Incorporating the power of the PixelPure 5G video processor, MVFI creates new video frames
and inserts them between the original frames. This advanced system virtually eliminates motion blur without decreasing image
brightness, or adding flicker. Images are now crisp and clear regardless of image motion.
PixelPure 5G™ – At the heart of every 2009 REGZA television is a PixelPure 5G™ digital video processor. This fifth generation video
processor is capable of reproducing up to 4,096 shades of gradation. The end result is an image that has tremendous colour
accuracy and detail for life-like images.
Resolution+™ – Takes upscaling from 480i, 480p or 720p to a new level. Toshiba’s development in this video processing technology
provides superior upscaling of lower resolution signals to 1080p which results in improved picture quality with greater detail and
AutoView™ - Designed to help ensure the best possible image quality at all times of the day. By combining an ambient room light
sensor and incoming video content monitoring, AutoView™ automatically sets the TV picture parameters for optimal viewing. In
addition to setting brightness, contrast, gamma, sharpness and colour saturation, the newly enhanced AutoView™ can also adjust
colour temperature to compensate for changes in the colour of home lighting or the surrounding walls.
Instaport™ - By completing the hardware synchronization process when various components are powered on, rather than when the
inputs are selected, the switching time between the HDMI™ inputs are only a fraction of an ordinary set. The typical 5-6 second
delay when switching between HDMI™ inputs are eliminated.
Astonishing images on
everything you watch.
52XV645U specifications
1920 X 1080 Panel Resolution
1080p Full HD Resolution
Dynamic Contrast Ratio 50,000:1
14 Bit PixelPure 5G™ Video Processor
Clearframe™ 120Hz Frame Conversion
120Hz Demo Mode
24Hz, 5:5 Display
Response Time: 6ms
500cd/m2 Brightness
Dynalight™ Dynamic Backlight Control
Dynamic Contrast Control (4 item)
178° Viewing Angle
Deep Color
3D Y/C Comb Filter
Auto Aspect Ratio
Cableclear™ DNR
USB Picture (JPEG)
Color Temperature Control
Cinema Mode (480i/1080i)
Picture Modes
Static Gamma Control
Native Mode™
Gaming Mode™
Colormaster 3D™ Color Management Controls
Theaterwide™ Modes (6)
Lip Sync
ENERGY STAR 3.0 Compliant
10 Watts per Channel
Dolby Digital Out
4 Item Multi-Brand Remote (CT-90302)
REGZA Link™ (CE Link) - Control other CEC compliant devices
Sleep Timer
Auto Power Off
Channel Browser
Favorite Browser
Panel Lock
Picture Freeze
Closed Captioning
(3) HDMI™ 1.3 Input with InstaPort Technology
(Supports 1080p/60hz/24hz) - 1 side Input
(2) Colorstream HD™ Input (Up to 1080p)
(1) S-Video Input
(2) Audio/Video Input (1 side input)
(1) USB (side)
(1) RF Input
(1) PC VGA Input (Supports up to SXGA/WXGA)
(1) Optical Digital Audio Output
(1) Fixed Audio Output
for illustrative purposes
Product & Packaging
VESA® Mounting Holes**
Unit Dimensions with stand (WHD) (mm)
Unit Dimensions without stand (mm)
Unit Weight with stand
Carton Weight
UPC Code
200 x 400 mm
1252 x 840 x 353
1252 x 791 x 100
37.5 kg
42 kg
ColorStream is a registered trademark of Toshiba America Consumer Products, L.L.C. VESA is a registered trademark of Video
Electronics Standards Association. HDMI™, the HDMI™ logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or
registered trademarks of HDMI™ Licensing LLC.
**If you decide to wall mount your Toshiba television, always use a CUL Listed wall bracket appropriate for the size and
weight of the television.
Product design and specifications subject to change or modification without notice. © 2009 Toshiba of Canada Limited.