| 50FIBSCSC10 | Datasheet | 10m Multimode 50/125 Duplex Fiber Patch Cable SC - SC

10m Multimode 50/125 Duplex Fiber Patch Cable SC - SC
StarTech ID: 50FIBSCSC10
This 10m SC/SC Duplex 50/125 Multimode Fiber Patch Cable provides the necessary connection between fiber networking
devices for high-speed, long distance networks.
Ensuring optimal data transfers and network stability, 50/125-micron cables offer nearly three times the bandwidth of
62.5/125-micron cables, so your data will be transferred at higher rates over longer distances.
Each Duplex 50/125 Multimode Fiber Patch Cable is individually tested and certified to be within acceptable optical insertion
loss limits for guaranteed compatibility and 100% reliability.
Applications and Solutions
• Broadband systems
• Ideal solution for data applications requiring high speed data transmission
• Telecommunication / Data communication
• Used by long distance networks with mission critical data
• Attentuation loss meets or exceeds industry standards
• Connectors offer greater durability in resisting pulls, strains, and impacts during cable installation and maintentance
• Fiber Optic Cables are backed by's lifetime warranty
• Immune to electricty interference
Technical Specifications
• Warranty: Lifetime warranty
• Connector A: 2 - SC Fiber Male
• Connector B: 2 - SC Fiber Male
• Color: Orange
• Fiber Size: 50/125
• Fiber Type: Multi Mode
• Product Length: 32.8 ft [10 m]
• Carton Quantity: 64
• Shipping (Package) Weight: 0.38 lb [0.17 kg]
• Cable Length: : 10m (32.8 ft)
• Cable Type: : Duplex Multimode
• Fiber Size: : 50/125 micron
• Connectors: :
• Connector A: SC (male)
• Connector B: SC (male)
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