Component Wall Plate Video Extender over Cat 5 with Digital Audio

Component Wall Plate Video Extender over Cat 5 with Digital Audio
This component video and audio extender wall plate kit includes both transmitter and receiver units, allowing you to make
out-of-the-way connections from a component video source to a remote display / HDTV. The transmitter and receiver wall
plates can be placed in a wall or ceiling gang for a cleaner, more professional A/V installation, supporting connection
distances up to a maximum of 100m (300ft).
Run a 480i/480p signal up to 100m or a 720p/1080i signal up to 50m. The CPNTUTPWALLA is a passive extender meaning
no power adapter is required. Simply run a Cat 5e cable from the transmitter to the receiver, and install the wall-plates.
Offering maximum versatility and convenience, the component wall plate kit is easy to install; simply wall-mount the
transmitter unit near the intended video source, then wall-mount the receiver unit near the display, projector, or HDTV. The
transmitter and receiver units can then be linked using standard Cat5e cable, providing a high quality video extension while
concealing the cable for neater installation.
The component wall plate transmitter and receiver units use Cat5e cable to extend the audio and video signal. This is a
cost-effective solution based on the broad availability of networking cable which is far more flexible than component video
cables, not to mention less expensive.
Unlike some video extension systems, our component extender wall plates also allow you to make use of an existing
networking cable (Cat5, Cat6) infrastructure, eliminating the need to re-run cable in the event of an upgrade from component
video to another video standard, by simply swapping out the wall plates.
Applications and Solutions
• Ideal for applications in:
Digital Signage
Hospitality and Entertainment
Houses of Worship
• Ideal for Pro A/V installers and integrators looking for an easy solution to extend component video using Cat5 cabling.
• Extend a component video and digital audio signal to a maximum distance of 100m / 300ft. See specification for
resolutions supported at various distances.
• Passive Cat 5 signal extension means no power adapter required for easier installation.
• Supports maximum resolution of 1080i. See specifications for distance requirements.
Technical Specifications
• Warranty: 1 Year warranty
• Color: White
• Enclosure Type: Plastic
• Product Height: 2.4 in [61 mm]
• Product Length: 4.53 in [115 mm]
• Number of Ports: 1
• Carton Quantity: 20
• Remote Unit Connectors: 1 - RJ45 Female
• Remote Unit Connectors: 1 - Component (3 x RCA) Female
• Remote Unit Connectors: 1 - Digital Coaxial Audio (1 x RCA) Female
• Shipping (Package) Weight: 0.51 lb [0.23 kg]
• Product Weight: 3.53 oz [100 g]
• Product Width: 2.76 in [70 mm]
• Distance / Resolution: 50m (150ft) / 720p or 1080i
100m (300ft) / 480i or 480p