DreamGEAR | DGIPOD-672 | Datasheet | dreamGEAR i.Sound Audio Dock

How to Play
For Music
Select source of power
USB or Battery.
Put the iPod Shuffle mini into
Audio Dock speaker by placing
it onto the 3.5mm audio pin.
note: iPod Shuffle mini will sit
upside down.
Open the battery cover at the back
of the Audio Dock. Install 3 new
“AAA” batteries, then close.
Switch on the power button
ON / OFF, the blue LED indicator
will be “ON” when the power
is “ON”.
Turn on the
iPod Shuffle mini
then press PLAY/PAUSE.
Speaker volume is
controlled by the iPod
Shuffle mini.
Enjoy your music!
Take out the USB wire from the bottom of
Audio Dock then plug into computer.
(make sure the computer is powered “ON”)
iPod Charging and Data Transfer
Stop the music of iPod Shuffle mini
before Data Transfer or Recharging
battery of iPod Shuffle mini.
Make sure the computer is powered “ON”
and the Audio Dock is connected to your
computer, if needed use the USB extension
cable for hard to reach USB ports.
If the default is iTunes for iPod, then the
iTunes will be running automatically and
the iPod Shuffle mini will be recharging
automatically. ( Please follow the instruction
of iPod Shuffle mini & iTunes to operate).
Note: The Audio Dock only charges iPod Shuffle mini
when using the USB connection.
Eject iPod Shuffle mini under iTunes
instruction after charge/sync is completed.
Please keep the USB signal wire in the slot at
the bottom of Audio Dock when not in use.
Thank you for Purchasing the Audio Dock.
Please carefully read the instruction
manual before using the Audio Dock.
1 Stereo speaker output: 0.25W
2 Power supply :
AAA*3 (LR03-1.5v) or USB port.
Work current <100mA
3 High-speed USB connection for iPod
Shuffle mini charging and data transfer
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