How to Scan Editable Documents (OCR)

How to Scan Editable Documents (OCR)
How to Use OCR
This document provides you with details on how to use OCR (Optical character
recognition). It is a way to convert scanned pages or images into editable documents.
Privacy Policy:
No student or faculty member has the right to scan copyrighted material. The only
exception would be that you have a written permission from the original copyright holder
or you are the copyright owner of the material.
Instruction to Use OCR:
These instructions help you to use OmniPage 11.0 in the lab. These information may be
applied to other computers or other versions of OmniPage.
1. Login to the computer
Your information should be as followed:
Username: Same as York username (such as York password or Acadlabs)
Email address: [email protected]
Password: the password that you use to access using telnet or SSH. It
is the same password as when you activated your econ account through “My Services”.
2. Locate the OmniPage
On the screen look and find the OmniPage Icon and open the software.
If you cannot find the icon then look under start\all programs\Scansoft OmniPage pro 11\
3. load the scanner
Put your documents and papers in the scanner.
4. Select Scan type
Select how you want to scan your document. If you only have text then grayscale would
be good. If you have images in color which you want to refer to later or want to keep in
color use color setting.
5. Start
For automated process simply press Start button on the top of the screen.
6. Save
After the process was completed you can save your file as an editable document file. You
can save in variety of files such as MS word, PDF, WordPerfect …
7. Open
Once you saved your file you can open it and edit it.
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