DIAL™ 520 OC
for Microsoft® Office Communicator
Plug & play USB handset solution
optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator
-True wideband audio performance for professional sound
-Intuitive, plug-and-play usability
-Dedicated answer/end and mute buttons for seamless
integration with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007
-LCD display showing numbers dialed
The Jabra DIAL™ 520 OC delivers professional performance
and great value. It’s the cost-effective USB handset solution
optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator. With an easily
recognizable user interface, it is the ideal product for every type
of Office Communicator user. Through its seamless integration
with the audio features in Microsoft Office Communicator it is
possible to truly reap the benefits of IP telephony.
Through its resemblance to well-known phones the
Jabra DIAL™ 520 OC is a sure way to migrate users onto IP
telephony. Its plug & play capabilities ensure that even the very
first call is easy to make – simply connect the handset and use
it like any other dialpad based phone. Due to the portability of
Jabra DIAL™ 520 OC, the product is equally applicable for officebased and home-based professionals. And its small size and slim
design make it convenient to bring along.
Jabra DIAL™ 520 OC fulfills the communication needs of the
majority of office professionals and its seamless integration
with Microsoft Office Communicator will maximize productivity
and simultaneously minimize the total cost of ownership.
GN Netcom is a world leader in innovative headset solutions. GN Netcom develops,
manufactures and markets its products under the Jabra brand name
Jabra® is a registered trademark of GN Netcom A/S
DIAL™ 520 OC
for Microsoft® Office Communicator
True wideband audio
Professional performance through optimum call clarity
Plug & play solution
Plug & play capabilities give instant usability, no need to install
additional drivers
Familiar design & function
Familiar design & function ensures ease of use, minimizing the required
involvement and support in connection with deployments of Microsoft
Office Communicator 2007
Dedicated answer/end buttons
Increased productivity via seamless integration with audio features
in Microsoft Office Communicator 2007
Cost-effective solution
Delivers benefits of IP telephony at an affordable price
Small dialpad and slim design
Small size of the handset ensures maximum portability
The Jabra DIAL™ 520 OC is compatible with:
- Microsoft Windows™
Powered via USB
No need for batteries (that require changing) and no risk of running
out of power
2-year warranty
With GN Netcom’s no fineprint 2-year warranty, you’ll enjoy worry-free