Buffalo AirStation WHR-G300NV2/U

Wireless Networking
AirStationTM NfinitiTM
Wireless-N Router
The ideal Internet and network solution for the home and
small office environment. Perfect for streaming HD movies,
music, and e-mailing from multiple PC’s simultaneously. With
speeds of up to 300Mbps, the Buffalo AirStationTM NfinitiTM
Wireless Router upgrades an existing Wireless connection and
provides greater coverage than Wireless-G.
| Wireless-N Standard Networking offers up to 300Mbps
and better coverage
| Enhanced Multi-Level Security
WPA2, WPA-PSK (TKIP, AES) and 128/64bit
WEP security are supported
| Secure and easy Set-up with AOSS or WPS
| Position vertically, horizontally or wall mounted
AirStationTM NfinitiTM Wireless-N Router
Buffalo AirStationTM NfinitiTM Wireless-N Router & Access Point is the next standard Wireless router designed to
802.11n specifications.
The AirStation One-Touch Secure System (AOSS™) or Wi-Fi Protected Set-up (WPS) provides a quick and easy way
to create secure Wireless connections within minutes.
Each connected PC or laptop can use different security levels simultaneously. It is also possible to restrict access
from other devices connecting with different encryption levels.
For example TKIP/AES encryptions can be used for your PCs and WEP encryption for a gaming console simultaneously,
but if someone tries to access the network using WEP encryption (which is the weakest encryption) they cannot
access other devices connected via TKIP/AES.
Internal antennae and compact chassis. Can be positioned vertically, horizontally or wall mounted.
Key Specifications
• Wireless Connections up to 300Mbps*
ireless-N 802.11n Wi-Fi Certified® ensures
compatibility with other certified devices
• Supports WDS to increase coverage and can be
configured easily with the push of a button
• With VPN support - secure, remote access to your
home or small office network.
in-built Ethernet Ports for up to 4 simultaneous
wired devices
• S imple Web Browser Configuration,
no drivers needed
• S upports WPA2, WPA-PSK (TKIP, AES) and 128/64bit
WEP Security
• Supports QoS - WMM Wi-Fi Mulitmedia
• Features Wake-on-LAN
*Maximum wireless signal rate derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Actual data throughput will vary. Network conditions and environmental factors, including network
traffic, building materials and construction and network overhead, lower actual data transfer rates.
Wireless Networking
Wireless LAN Interface
Standard Compliance
Transmission Method
Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS), OFDM, MIMO
Frequency Range
2.412 - 2.472GHz (Channels 1-13)
Transmission Rate
802.11n: 14.4, 28.8, 43.3, 57.7, 86.6, 115.5, 130.1, 144.4Mbps (20MHz BW)
802.11n: 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, 240, 270, 300Mbps (40MHz BW)
802.11g: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54Mbps
802.11b: 1, 2, 5.5, 11Mbps
Access Mode
Infrastructure Mode
WPA2, WPA-PSK (TKIP, AES), 128/64bit WEP, Mac Address Filter
Wired LAN Interface
Standards Compliance
IEEE802.3u (100BASE-TX), IEEE802.3 (10 BASE-T)
Transmission Rate
Transmission Encoding
100 BASE-TX 4B5B/MLT-3, 10 Base-T Manchester Coding
Access Method
Speed and Flow Control
10/100, Auto Sensing, Auto MDIX
Number of LAN Ports
LAN Port Connector
Set-up Utility OS Support
Windows® 7™ (32/64bit), Windows® Vista™ (32/64bit), Windows® XP, Windows® 2000
Power Supply
Power Supply
Power Consumption
About 6.0W (Max)
140 x 127 x 25mm
Operating Environment
0-40OC, 20-80% (non-condensing)
Product Part Number
Wireless-N Adapters
About Buffalo
Buffalo Technology UK Ltd. is a leading global provider of award-winning storage, networking, memory, and multimedia solutions for the home and small business
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