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Adjustable Laser Mouse
High precision and weight adjustment for the best cursor control!
Left button
Triple fire button
for gaming users
Right button
middle button
3-level DPI
indication led
DPI switch for
easy adjustable resolution
weight cartridges
Enjoy high precision with the Eminent EM3162 Laser Mouse. This mouse has special
features enabling you to adjust the comfort and usability to your own needs. You can
change the weight and dpi resolution for optimal precision!Adjustable resolutionThe
Eminent EM3162 Laser mouse has a highly sensitive laser sensor. You can easily
change the resolution using the special dpi button on top of the mouse. For basic
computer applications you can use the default 800 dpi. For high precision applications
and gaming you can change the resolution instantly to 1600 or 2400 dpi. The led on
the mouse turns red when 1600 dpi is selected, the led turns green when 2400 dpi
is selected.Fitted with 7 buttonsThe ergonomic designed laser mouse has 7 buttons:
Left, Right, Scroll/Middle, Fire (left of the scroll button), DPI, Forward and Backward
buttons.Adjustable weightThe Eminent EM3162 Laser Mouse comes with special
designed weight cartridges. This enables you to adjust the weight of the mouse for
more convenience and usability. Place the weight cartridge in the compartment of the
mouse to your own desire and comfort.The Eminent EM3162 is the perfect solution
for gaming and office work!
• Adjustable laser mouse with high
• Ergonomic designed and fitted
with 7 buttons
• Suitable for high precision work and
• Adjustable weight with four weight
• Adjustable resolution up to 2400 dpi
• Laser mouse with scroll wheel,
dpi button and dpi indicator led
• Working on any surface (except glass)
• Equipped with USB connector
• Easy installation
• 2-Year warranty
• Accessible helpdesk
technical specifications:
Interface: USB 2.0, USB 1.1, USB 1.0
Buttons: Left, Right, Tripple fire, Scroll wheel, DPI
button, Forward and Backward button
Sensor: Laser
Movement resolution: 800/1600/2400 dpi
DPI indicator:led off: 800 dpi,
red: 1600 dpi,
green 2400 dpi
system requirements:
One available USB port
EAN CODE: 8716065245387
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