M-Cab 7300048

Accu for iPhone - 2.200mAh - white
suitable for 3G / 3Gs - cover and accu in one
External-Battery pack (Case+Battery pack) 2200mAh
suitable for iPhone (3G, -3GS), white
Protection case and battery pack in one!
Ideal on the way due to the adapted size of the iPhone.
Just put in and the iPhone will be charged.
After 2,5 hours the accu is fully charged (incl. Power On/Off switch).
3.7 V / 2200mAh / LiIon
output: 5 V / max. 1200mA
color: white
batterietype: external
Art-Nr: 7300048
suitable for:
iPhone (2G), iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs
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